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  1. Episode 320: eXistenZ (1999) 04/25 by The Projection Booth Podcast | Film

    Special Guest: Ernest Mathijs Guest Co-Hosts: Jessica Kramer, Dustin Kramer eXistenZ, the 1999 film from writer/director David Cronenberg stars Jennifer Jason Leigh as Allegra Geller, a game designer who has been marked for death by a faction known as the ?Realists?. After an assassination attempt she escapes with her ineffectual bodyguard, a PR nerd named Ted Pikull played by Jude Law. The pair eventually test out Allegra’s new game, eXistenZ, in order to make sure her biomass game pod is still functional. From there the film traverses many layers of game play, making viewers question what’s real and what’s part of play. Dustin & Jessica Kramer of the Popcorn Poops podcast join Mike to discuss existentialism, Freud, Philip K. Dick, The Matrix, and more. Buy eXistenZ on DVD Buy the eXistenZ novelization by "John Luther Novak" (AKA Christopher Priest) Buy the eXistenZ soundtrack by Howard Shore Buy The Cinema of David Cronenberg: From Baron of Blood to Cultural Hero Buy The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich by Philip K. Dick Buy The Days of Perky Pat by Philip K. Dick Listen to the Popcorn Poops podcast

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  2. ‘Tenet’ Is The Most Christopher Nolan-y Film Ever Made - Movie Review

    David reviews Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Tenet,’ which is the most Christopher Nolan-y film that Christopher Nolan has ever Christopher Nolan’d.

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  3. Hirsch: Still not a fan of shootouts determining hockey gold

    The Canucks radio analyst, Corey Hirsch, who backstopped Canada to silver at the 1994 Winter Games, shares his thoughts about shootouts determining a championship, what Vancouver may do before the trade deadline, and the success of the Golden Knights.

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  4. Jon Hirsch - The ‘Follow Your Dream Breakfast’, 28th October 2011

    Seventeen years ago, Jonathan Hirsch designed an electric guitar - then spent twelve years promising himself that "One day I’ll do something with it"…

    In 2006, after a successful career in the interactive media industry, Jonathan finally began what turned out to be a much-longer-than-planned process of bringing his guitar to market - patenting, prototyping, refining the production process and finally launching Hirsch Guitar (and the Hirsch SB-1 Radius ‘smallbody’ electric guitar) in January 2011.

    At this breakfast, Jonathan talks about what inspired the design, what took so long, what he’s learned along the way, and what (he hopes) will happen next.

    Duration: 0:28:00


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  5. Nr 2: Basti Hirsch

    Basti Hirsch is about to leave for a learning expedition in the US and tells Rainer about his projects.

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