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  1. Steve Jobs Stories

    Chris Fralic, Steven Levy, Esther Dyson, Mike Slade, John/Diane SCULLEY, Seth Godin, Andy Cunningham, Dan’l Lewin, Doug Menuez, Regis McKenna, Andy Hertzfeld, and Steven Rosenblatt share their "Steve Jobs Stories" in honor of what would have been the Apple cofounder’s 66th birthday.

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  2. Episode 37 - Approaching Publication, with Jacq Cohen

    Your publisher has called you to tell you that your book has a publication date! It’s coming out! In the future!

    What … do you do in the meantime? You want everyone you know — and also everyone you don’t know — to be the most excited and to buy your book when it appears in stores. How do you work with your publisher to make that happen? What does your publisher want you to do? What does your publisher want you NOT to do?

    Today we talk about all these questions with Jacq Cohen, the Executive Director of Marketing, Publicity, and Promotions at Fantagraphics (which basically means that her job is to work with authors to plan and execute the best strategy for getting people excited about their graphic novels).

    Interested in learning more about Jacq Cohen and Fantagraphics? You can find her on Twitter ( and also Fantagraphics (

    (We note that we recorded this episode in 2019, so the discussion and advice here is sometimes not representative of the state of the world in 2020/2021. For more on that … more TK.)

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  3. November 2020 Masterpiece Selection — KINGDOM COME with Mark Waid

    Welcome back to the Comix Experience Graphic Novel Club: Masterpiece Edtion! To join, please head to

    If you’re at all familiar with the pantheon of DC heroes, then this month’s selection likely needs no introduction. Other than to say, of course, how honored we are to have Mark Waid in conversation about his work on KINGDOM COME, and the rest of his prolific career. A lot of ground to cover on this one, folks.

    Ask questions in the Live Chat and on Facebook, and we’ll get to them during the show!


    The Comix Experience Graphic Novel Club is sponsored by THE COMICS BEAT — the daily news blog of comics news, reviews, and information.

    MUSIC Rocket Power by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

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  4. iOS 14 Review — Ready for iPhone 12!

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    I wanted to do something different with this #iOS14 review. I’ve already posted in-depth explainers and a technical preview. So, this time, I wanted to focus on opinion. Mine, and my special guest’s — John Gruber of Daring Fireball and The Talk Show Fame.




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    iOS 14 Apple Interview:

    iOS 14 Preview:

    iOS 14 Explained:


    Daring Fireball:

    Gruber on Twitte…

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