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  1. Adding New Features Can Literally Be A Game Changer

    Jared Spool with Amy Jo Kim

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/uie-podcast/adding-new-features-can-literally-be-a-game-changer
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  2. #71 — What Is Technology Doing to Us?

    In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Tristan Harris about the arms race for human attention, the ethics of persuasion, the consequences of having an ad-based economy, the dynamics of regret, and other topics. You can support the Waking Up podcast at samharris.org/support.


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  3. Presentable #9: Designing for the App Store, with John Gruber - Relay FM

    This week we talk to preeminent Apple blogger John Gruber about his experiences designing and developing the iOS app Vesper.


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  4. Canvas #16: Task Management Part 2 - Relay FM

    This week Fraser and Federico take another pass at managing tasks on iOS, this time looking at implementing Getting Things Done with OmniFocus on iOS.


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  5. The Wirecutter founder Brian Lam: Steve Jobs “literally caught me with my pants down” - Recode

    Plus: How to build a successful media business with no advertising, no VC funding and no drama.


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  6. The Economist asks: Can the open web survive?

    Sir Tim Berners Lee founded the web in 1989, and is now the head of its standards agency, the W3C. He joins deputy editor Tom Standage in The Economist studio to discuss the future of his creation.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/theeconomist/the-economist-asks-can-the-open-web-survive
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  7. Song Exploder | Episode 21: Julia Holter

    Julia Holter deconstructs her song "Horns Surrounding Me."



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  8. a16z Podcast: Finally a Tablet that Replaces Your Laptop

    When the iPad first came out in 2010 there was chatter that went in two directions:

    1. It’s just a big iPhone
    2. I’ll never carry a laptop again

    Both were wrong. The big iPhone comment was quickly dispelled as people (and their kids) fell under the consumption thrall of iPads. But iPads never could meet the needs of most laptop users –- until now. Benedict Evans and Steven Sinofsky offer their reasons why the iPad Pro hits the mark as a machine for all kinds of things, and why it may have shoved their own laptops aside for almost everything.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/a16z/finally-a-tablet-that-replaces-your-laptop
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  9. Mac Power Users #308: Workflows with Ben Thompson - Relay FM

    David and Katie chat with Ben Thompson about how business strategy impacts technology, living and working in Asia and global views on the mobile market, and the upcoming March 2016 Apple event.


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  10. Mac Power Users #285: iPhone Photography with Austin Mann - Relay FM

    David and Katie chat with photographer Austin Mann about the iPhone as a professional camera. We also announce the sale of MPU T-Shirts.


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