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  1. Episode 39: John Gruber Crashes His Tesla Into Your Heart

    John Gruber, one of the most famous bloggers of all time, sits down with Josh for a little one-on-one concerning all things tech. Those things? Apple, Tesla, Google, Twitter, and so much more. Have you ever heard two men violently agree and disagree about a phone's user interface? Have you ever heard two men discuss their hatred of a remote? Have you ever heard two men talk what it's like to gaze into the abyss? Well some of those things happen. LISTEN NOW.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/tomorrowpodcast/episode-39-john-gruber-crashes-his-tesla-into-your-heart
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  2. «Перевод нового мира» — перевод Слова Бога на живом языке | Изучение

    Изучение «Сторожевой башни» (8—14 февраля 2016 года). Как «Перевод нового мира» способствует освящению имени Бога и помогает людям узнать его волю?


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