Your Mom’s House Podcast - Ep. 576 w/ Marc Rebillet

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WHAT’S UP THERE CHOMO? Tom Segura and Christina P start out this episode of Your Mom’s House by discussing Tom’s sister and former YMH-regular OMG Maria who is going to be joining the main mommies for YMH Live 3. They watch videos of a nice guy with a hole in his face, new videos from the 10-12 Benadryl guy and Dan Pena, and a clip from YMH 400 where CP states that she is open to eating Tom’s scrum if doctors approve. Jean and Jean also revisit the Megan debate and review listener emails weighing in on it, discuss different dog breeds and what they say about their owners, and the legality of parent/child relations. They call Top Dog to weigh in on this subject.

Marc Rebillet is electronic musician and YouTuber. He discusses growing up wit…

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