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  1. HARMONY KORINE - WTF Podcast with Marc Maron #625 (08/03/15)

    All rights of this video belong to Marc Maron and Wtfpod.com HARMONY KORINE - WTF Podcast with Marc Maron #625 - August 3, 2015

    Wtf Podcast HARMONY KORINE HARMONY KORINE Marc Maron 2015 Interview Harmony Korine

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    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PYUMEqTKQ8&ab_channel=WTFPodcastwithMarcMaron
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  2. Art + Music + Technology: Podcast 304: William Fields

    There are many ways to create a body of work. You can crunch away at tracks, canvases or blocks of marble, building more and more until you have the body of work that you can share as your work. Or, alternatively, you can create a system, fine-tune it, and use it to create an array of work that is representative of your ideas - and the expression of you working with your system. This is how William Fields works. The system that he’s created - through years of iterating, integrating and coding - is the basis for his FieldsOS radio show work (found here: ), his live performances and his releases on several labels. Digging into his website (), you’ll be able to experience the many different ways he approaches using the work - and you can track his releases over the years as well. This was a super-exciting interview for me, and reminded me of the power of long-form work; iterating on your systems can have a powerful effect on the work you are able to create! Enjoy! (Note: for folks on my Patreon -

    • William has created a special track for second- and third-tier supporters. Take a listen!)


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  3. PlayPlaying

    Listen to Andre 3000 And Rick Rubin In Conversation and thirty-four more episodes by Broken Record With Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Rubin, Bruce Headlam And Justin Richmond, free! No signup or install needed. Andre 3000 and Rick Rubin In Conversation. Bon Iver’s Past and Present.


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  4. Jesse Thorn in “Fine Vintage”

    This week’s guest is Put This On founder Jesse Thorn. You also

    might recognize Jesse’s voice from his podcasts “Bullseye” and

    “Jordan, Jesse, Go!” as well as “Judge John Hodgman.”

    My talk with Jesse covers everything from his days as a

    boombox-carrying college kid to his lifelong passion for vintage

    clothing. We even tackle the big topics, like why men are culturally

    conditioned to not care about clothes.

    Be sure to check out Put This On and the Put This On

    shop. Follow @enlightenmyloafers on Instagram for show

    notes and the responses to Jesse’s challenge.


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  5. Josh Mason: Sound + Process # 18

    Josh Mason’s music is an alcove you’ve never noticed, in a park you’ve walked through a hundred times.

    Over the last eight years, he’s released 20+ albums of solo and collaborative work.

    Through guitar, tape loops, digital and analog synthesis, Josh has established an enchanting lexicon. His music is an ever-evolving conversation about personal and philosophical challenges. Its tones and timbres speak with curiosity and humility.

    Josh keeps his practice approachable and immediate, which defies stagnation.

    Discover + support his music: https://j-w-m.bandcamp.com https://joshmason.info

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/sound-and-process/josh-mason-sound-process-18
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  6. Izzy Barreiro (Stud1nt): Sound + Process # 16

    Izzy Barreiro is an accomplished DJ, producer, composer, synthesist and teacher. They perform as @stud1nt and are part of the deeply necessary collectives Discwoman and KUNQ. They have taught classes everywhere from Moogfest to Ableton Loop. They are also the director of production at Whimsical Raps, a Brooklyn-based musical instrument company.

    In this episode, Izzy explores some wonderful ideas about the importance of community built on shared experiences, how vulnerability develops an artist, and how their own approach to music-making tools has changed over the years.

    Izzy’s work is a bold exploration of genre, approach and self — you can hear more of it at: https://soundcloud.com/stud1nt https://stud1nt.nyc

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/sound-and-process/ep_16
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