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  1. Read Between the Leading - Episode #28 with Elliot Jay Stocks

    On this episode we talk with Elliot Jay Stocks. We discuss his web work, his book, and his upcoming periodical “8 Faces,” as well as a few other things.

    In addition, this episode talks about some RBtL news and evolutions, including new segments we plan on introducing.

    For more detailed shownotes visit: http://rbtl.us/post/473842913

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  2. Read Between the Leading - Episode #27 with Scott Thomas

    On this episode we got a chance to talk to Scott Thomas, design director of the Obama campaign. We talked about his work on the campaign, his new book Designing Obama, and the Post Family. For more detailed shownotes visit http://rbtl.us/post/341667057

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  3. Read Between the Leading - Episode #25

    This week on the show we’re talking about web fonts again. A lot has happened since the last time we’ve talked about it. We’re joined by our friend and fellow designer Dan Auer.

    For more detailed notes visit http://rbtl.us/post/272239993

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  4. Read Between the Leading - Episode #21

    This week on the show we had a conversation with Veronika and José of TypeTogether. We talked to them about their education at Reading, designing type for different media, custom type work, and type on the web.

    As always you can email us at readbetweentheleading@gmail.com and find us on twitter @rbtlshow.

    You can find more detailed shownotes at http://rbtl.us/post/146485185

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  5. Read Between the Leading - Episode #18

    This week on the show we talk all about type on the web. We discuss recent developments like Typekit, Font Bureau’s Permission table, and Spiekermann’s new typeface Axel. We also talk a bit about our own idea for a non-profit type foundry, a foundry based on donations that commissions type designers to design web fonts we can release for free on the web.

    We’d love to hear your feedback about our non-profit type foundry idea. We’d also love to hear any news (or any corrections) about some of this new technology we’re talking about. Feel free to leave us a comment here, email us at readbetweentheleading@gmail.com, or find us on twitter @rbtlshow.

    More detailed shownotes can be found at http://rbtl.us/post/119503764

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  6. Read Between the Leading - Episode #15

    This week on the show we were joined by web and graphic designer Jason Santa Maria. We got a chance to talk to Jason about his work at Happy Cog, his personal work, projects like the Wordpress admin, the differences in designing for print and web, and we got to ask him some listener questions. We also announced the winner of the MyFonts $100 gift certificate.

    As always, give us an email at readbetweentheleading@gmail.com, send us a tweet @rbtlshow, or give us a call at 646-402-5686 ext 20248. We’re always looking for interesting design stories, so call or send them in.

    For more detailed shownotes, visit http://rbtl.us/post/105125819

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  7. Read Between the Leading - Episode #7

    Shownotes for Episode #7 can be found at http://readbetweentheleading.com/post/87710856

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