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  1. Garrett’s Games 667: Tony Boydell on Game Design and his Top 10 | Garrett’s Games and Geekiness | BoardGameGeek


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  2. The State of Games, Ep. 150 – The One About Going Back to the Well | Dice Hate Me

    Chris, Darrell, TC, and guest Seth Jaffee talk special editions


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  3. It’s DATENIGHT Episode 11 – The Fox in the Forest | Boards Alive

    It’s DATENIGHT Episode 11 – The Fox in the Forest Direct Download or Media Player or RSS Feed It’s DATENIGHT! The podcast where a wife and her husband talk about the games they play on date nights. We focus on games that are great for 2 players. Each episode is short and sweet, just the way you like it,…


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  4. The State of Games, Ep. 148: The One About Unpub 8 | Dice Hate Me

    The lowdown on the 8th annual Unpublished Games Festival!


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  5. The 20 Minutes of Filler Podcast - Episode 83, Tasty Games

    Jason and Jake chat about tasteful little games like The Fox in the Forest, Illimat, and Yummy World Party at Picnic Palace Card Game.


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  6. Funding the Dream on Kickstarter - EP 278 James Hudson 3 Keys to Kickstarter Success

    Three things are necessary for Kickstarter Success.

    #1 Building the Audience - James tells us how

    #2 Professional Artists - You can’t get by with amateur

    #3 Pre-marketing - You must invest time…


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  7. Game Designers of North Carolina Podcast - Episode 33: Stretching Your Boundaries

    Mark McGee (@mmark40) and Josh Mills (@joshuajmills) join Matt Wolfe (@mattwolfe) to talk about stretching your boundaries in game design.

    1:13 - What’s in the Oven?

    3:54 - Main topic: Stret…


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  8. Legal Moves - Running an indie tabletop game company with Ben Harkins of Floodgate Games

    In this episode, I get to discuss a number of issues related to running an indie tabletop game company with Ben Harkins of Floodgate Games. Designing your own games and publishing other designers’ …


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  9. Drafting Games, Part 1 - What is drafting?

    Our focus for the SnakesCast this week is on the mechanism of drafting. Today, Monday April 10th, we ask what drafting is, how it works in board gaming, what Magic: The Gathering has to do with its popularity, and we start off looking at games by taking a couple of the most accessible games that use drafting - Sushi Go and Ticket to Ride.


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  10. The State of Games, Ep. 127: The One About Intelligent Design | Dice Hate Me

    Down the rabbit hole of game design and geekery!


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