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  1. GWJ Conference Call Episode 581 | Gamers With Jobs

    Skyrim VR Update, Black Mirror, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Family Gathering Fun Time Games, Your Emails and More!

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  2. Ep. 77 - Double Nugget Bowie • The League of Nonsensical Gamers Play in new window | Download

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    Hi, everyone. This episode was recorded prior to PAX Unplugged. It’s full of gaming goodness. Enjoy!


    Today We Chat About:


    Hot Rod Creeps

    Matt Hyra | Cryptozoic Entertainment

    The Quest for El Dorado

    Reiner Knizia | Ravensburger Spieleverlag

    Bunny Kingdom

    Richard Garfield | IELLO

    Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game

    Keith Baker | Renegade Game Studios

    Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game

    Alessio Cavatore | River Horse Ltd.


    Antoine Bauza | Funforge


    Gil d’Orey & Atonio Sousa Lara | Arcane Wonders


    As always, we appreciate you taking the time to listen in, and hope you enjoy the show! If you’d like to leave feedback, we welcome hearing your thoughts on iTunes and our BGG Guild!


    Also, be sure to get in touch with us via Facebook (The League of Nonsensical Gamers), Twitter (@LeagueNonsense) and email (!

    Matt: @SinUhMuhnBuhns

    Tiff: @IneptGamer

    Dan: @Scandalous_naD

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  3. Proactive vs. Reactive MCing

    Rach & Rich are talking about reactive MCing vs. proactive MCing. Timecodes Overview (00:36) “The game is a conversation” (04:03) The reactive position (07:47) The proactive position (12:43) Stepping back (17:50) Being engaged (18:55) Closing thoughts (25:40) Links Our website 
 Our Patreon 
 Follow us on Twitter @GauntletRPG

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  4. Gauntlet Con 2017 - “Being a Great Player” Panel

    For this special episode of The Gauntlet Podcast, we present the "Being a Great Player" panel from Gauntlet Con 2017! The moderator of the panel was Yoshi Creelman. The panelists were Sherri Stewart and Patrick Knowles.

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  5. Episode 23 - Growing as a Designer

    We talk a lot about how to make your games better, but how do you make yourself better? Emma Larkins joins us to discuss honing your analytical skills, the importance of daily practice, valuable game design resources, and how to not take feedback personally.

    Join in the fun by posting your own design practice to #gamedesigndaily on Twitter, Instragram, or your hashtaggable social media service of choice!

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  6. Christa David - The Creativity Habit

    Christa David left a six-figure earning career as a public health researcher for a full-time gig as an artist. She makes collages, paintings, and photographs that explore themes of racial, economic, and social inequity. Here Christa talks about what she learned as a 14-year-old mom and how that informs her art business today, the ups and downs of being your own boss, and what it means to make art as a black woman in America today.

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  7. Episode 49 - Michael Coe’s tiny epic return to TCbH — The Cardboard Herald

    Michael Coe comes on the show to talk about the brand new Tiny Epic Defenders 2nd Edition and The Dark War expansion, both on Kickstarter right now. We cover topics ranging from equipable meeples, design challenges, upcoming projects, reflections of a veteran kickstarter-superstar, and company goals for Gamelyn Games. This is Michael’s second time on the show, and is one of Jack’s favorite people in the board game space.No time stamps for this episode due to the quick turnaround.Helpful Links:Tiny Epic Defenders & The Dark War Kickstarter: Coe’s first TCbH interview: Almes’ TCbH interview: first impressions video: & Elysium first impressions video:

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  8. Cardboard Architects : Grant Rants Ep. 2

    Grant Rodiek joins us to talk about randomness and skill.


    Tagged with grant rodiek

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  9. Funding the Dream on Kickstarter - EP 278 James Hudson 3 Keys to Kickstarter Success

    Three things are necessary for Kickstarter Success.

    #1 Building the Audience - James tells us how

    #2 Professional Artists - You can’t get by with amateur

    #3 Pre-marketing - You must invest time…

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  10. Ep. 34: Tina Roth Eisenberg — Clever Podcast

    Graphic designer and entrepreneurial super-hero, Tina Roth Eisenberg aka

    swissmiss, has always been full of ideas. Luckily, she channels her powers

    for good: like the lecture series CreativeMornings, Tattly temporary

    tattoos, to-do app TeuxDeux and the popular design blog swissmiss. She

    shares with Jaime and Amy the magic of finding and building community

    through non-transactional giving, the positive side of divorce and the

    benefits of keeping a desk drawer stocked with confetti.

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