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  1. 363- Invisible Women 99% Invisible podcast

    Listen to 363- Invisible Women and 393 other episodes by 99% Invisible. No signup or install required.


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  2. The Quest for a Moral Life with David Brooks - Scott Barry Kaufman

    Today we have David Brooks on the podcast. Brooks is an op-ed columnist for The New York Times and appears regularly on “PBS NewsHour,” NPR’s “All Things Considered” and NBC’s “Meet the Press.” He teaches at Yale University and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is the bestselling author …


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  3. Playability Episode 23: The Rules Forge

    Episode 23: The Rules Forge


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  4. Garrett’s Games 667: Tony Boydell on Game Design and his Top 10 | Garrett’s Games and Geekiness | BoardGameGeek


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  5. The Prestige of Doubt, Part 1 | RZIM

    Doubt is frequently seen as a threat in the church, and a badge of honor in the wider culture. In fact, doubt is nothing special; it’s just a basic feature of human life. Doubt is also completely dependent on…


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  6. Ep 67 Creativity: How to give better design feedback

    Creativity is all about collaboration which is why, whether you are leading a team or part of it, giving great feedback is an essential skill. In this episode, we will look at the two types of feedback, a model to give great feedback and some critical things to always keep in mind.


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  7. A call to level up (in our creative career)

    This is a difficult one to put out, as I’ll be honest I’ve been putting off posting this for some time. - However, I was just in Paris the past week at the IA Masterclass event talking with some of my students and friends about the pain points they’ve had in their career. And it’s something that’s made me think - after every struggle, every pain point I would hear. Whether it’s from artist’s struggling to ‘make it’ or others who did, and in the recent year had major derail in their career and they’re trying to get back on top. And others who are rockstar artist’s and speakers, who shared some of the real obstacles they face, that they struggle with.

    It’s made me think that all of us need to hear this from time to time, no matter where in our life or our career we are. Whether we’re hitting success, but secretly doubting ourselves, or whether we are ready to give up in our career because we’re not quite sure there’s actually a light at the end of the tunnel.

    I don’t think this video is for everybody, and I’ll be honest, I’m scared shitless putting out anything like this. Because it does come from the heart, but it’s also something I believe with every ounce in me, that the only person holding us back is us. That there is a lot of BS we feed ourselves to make it OK not to try.

    How important it …

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  8. The End of Year Review and Planning Process Every Small Business and Online Entrepreneur Should Follow

    Earn a living doing something you love.


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  9. How To Do An Annual Review The Right Way (TPS227)

    In today’s episode, we’ll be covering how you can conduct your own annual review. This has allowed Thanh and others on the team to achieve our goals, be happier and be more fulfilled in our lives. Unfortunately, it’s something that most people are not doing because there isn’t a lot of great information out there …


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  10. Board Game Business Podcast : Rules for Writing Rules - Ep. 74

    Learn all about Jeremy’s "7 Rules for Writing Rules" and what Richard and Brian think about them. We actually disagree on this on more than most episodes! Jeremy’s 7 Rules for Writing Rules Force yourself to write your rules right away and have them ready for your first playtest with real people. Start strong. Tell a story as you give the theme. Use software to maintain your rules and keep them always up-to-date. Add notes to add diagrams later. Put a component list at the end of the rules use a component diagram with labels. Use 2nd person to specify "you". Use white space and formatted lists.  


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