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  1. Five Women - This American Life

    A different kind of #MeToo story, about several women who worked for the same man.

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  2. Renegade Society Radio Episode 1!

    Renegade Society Radio is a live stream featuring Renegade Game Studio’s President Scott Gaeta and Director of Sales and Marketing Sara Erickson. Together they will team up and discuss the games, life and more! Participate in a live Q+A and be the first to learn what’s next!

    0:00- Welcome to Renegade Society! What is Renegade Society! 2:36- Guess the game giveaway! 5:00- Pie Town and the Holidays 5:50- Fox in the Forest 6:30- North Sea Saga 8:15- Altiplano 8:30- Kepler-3042 9:33- New Releases! 10:20- Look back at 2017. What was hot? 13:00- What’s good for designers? 15:16- Where were the games found for Renegade 2017? Pie Town 18:30- Designer tip of the day. 19:50- Conventions 23:45- Fan questions 31:05- Closing

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  3. Renegade Society Radio Episode #3!

    Join us for our third episode of the live Renegade Society Radio show! We have some BIG announcements to share with you on the show. See you soon!

    0:00- Welcome 0:45- Patnership with Hunter’s Games 1:18- Kids on Bikes 4:35- Outbreak Undead 2nd ed. 7:08- New Releases 8:35- Lucidity 9:00- Castell 11:15- Big Announcement! Clank! The Mummy’s Curse 15:15- Join Next week Jan 31 with Clank Designer Paul Dennen 16:35- China Trip 23:50- Conventions- GAMA 24:30- Fan Questions 29:58- Guess the Component giveaway! 31:33- Closing

    Link to tweets for Clank! Mummy’s Curse Sneak Peak:

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  4. Episode 234: TV, Star Wars & Lent w/Aaron Damiani

    How geography, TV shows and voting go hand in hand, how Star Wars got it’s mojo back by getting it’s religion back, and how Lent can change your life - with Aaron Damiani, author of “The Good of Giving Up: Discovering the Freedom of Lent.” This week on the podcast!

    Links: Star Wars - TV Shows - Aaron’s Book -

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  5. Overtime Design Podcast / Episode 29: Rejection, Perseverance, and Design Matters with Debbie Millman - Dribbble

    Dribbble’s official design podcast goes behind the shots of your favorite designers with Dribbble co-founder, Dan Cederholm.

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  6. The 20 Minutes of Filler Podcast - Episode 83, Tasty Games

    Jason and Jake chat about tasteful little games like The Fox in the Forest, Illimat, and Yummy World Party at Picnic Palace Card Game.

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  7. Board Game Business Podcast : How to Navigate Multiple Offers - Ep. 63

    This episode provides some guidelines for the situation where multiple publishers want to sign your game and how you handle it, both from the designer and publisher perspective. Specifically, we cover: submitting your game to multiple publishers at the same time handshake deals bringing copies to a convention bigger publishers vs. smaller publishers asking for exclusivity doing your publisher homework changes to contracts should I have a lawyer look over my contract?

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  8. ars ludi » “I just like saying ‘overthrow the government’” (GMless RPGs, ECCC 2017)

    #1 Lucian says:

    April 17, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    I liked the talk, but was struck by one thing: you said at one point that Downfall starts with a definition of what theme the players want to explore, ‘just like an author’.

    But while some authors do indeed write that way, many do not!

    And in fact, while you claimed that nobody writing a story starts with “OK, I have this awesome swordfight; why is it happening?” some authors actually do have their story seed as a particular image in their head, or scene where something awesome happens, and build out from there.

    Do you know if there has been any exploration of creating story games that map more or less directly to the different ways authors are known to create their stories?

    I’d say ‘Microscope’ maps fairly well to the ‘outliner’ method, and a lot of story games (and traditional games, at that) map relatively well to the ‘discovery writing’ process, but there have to be nuances (‘pick the theme first; pick the characters first; pick the world first’).

    Any studies/explorations of this that you know of?

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  9. GWJ Conference Call Episode 581 | Gamers With Jobs

    Skyrim VR Update, Black Mirror, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Family Gathering Fun Time Games, Your Emails and More!

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  10. Ep. 77 - Double Nugget Bowie • The League of Nonsensical Gamers Play in new window | Download

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    Hi, everyone. This episode was recorded prior to PAX Unplugged. It’s full of gaming goodness. Enjoy!


    Today We Chat About:


    Hot Rod Creeps

    Matt Hyra | Cryptozoic Entertainment

    The Quest for El Dorado

    Reiner Knizia | Ravensburger Spieleverlag

    Bunny Kingdom

    Richard Garfield | IELLO

    Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game

    Keith Baker | Renegade Game Studios

    Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game

    Alessio Cavatore | River Horse Ltd.


    Antoine Bauza | Funforge


    Gil d’Orey & Atonio Sousa Lara | Arcane Wonders


    As always, we appreciate you taking the time to listen in, and hope you enjoy the show! If you’d like to leave feedback, we welcome hearing your thoughts on iTunes and our BGG Guild!


    Also, be sure to get in touch with us via Facebook (The League of Nonsensical Gamers), Twitter (@LeagueNonsense) and email (!

    Matt: @SinUhMuhnBuhns

    Tiff: @IneptGamer

    Dan: @Scandalous_naD

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