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  1. Cortex #11: 0% Entertaining - Relay FM

    This week Grey and Myke get very excited about their new computer mice, before sharing more of their views on if it’s easier to become an internet personality today, and what you need to do to get there.


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  2. H.I. #45: Technobabble

    Grey & Brady discuss: balloons, passport scanners, freebooting leaves the nest and GIFs, stuff people do while listening to the podcast corner, gustatory synesthesia follow-up, Brady meets his favorite band, and The Martian homework.

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    Show Notes:

    Discuss this episode

    Brady goes to a balloon fiesta

    Janet Folkes videos

    Gordon Bennett Cup

    Brady’s photo of the University of Nottingham balloon

    Solar Powered Balloon

    Hank: Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video

    Destin of Smarter Every Day

    Derek of Veritasium

    The Physics Girl

    Cassini mission

    If trains could be snakes

    Road trains

    Lexical-gustatory synesthesia

    Brady brings J. Willgoose Esq from Public Service Broadcasting to the Royal Society

    Public Service Broadcasting - Go!

    The Martian

    The Martian ‘teaser’ trailer


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  3. Reconcilable Differences #7: 50 Shades of John - Relay FM

    This week, John and Merlin do some follow-up on John’s picky eating and his family’s failures at meal planning. Both men cop to loving soup.

    Then on to the big topic: how does John’s mind work, and how did he get that way?


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  4. Cortex #10: Zero Artistic Skills - Relay FM

    This time Grey and Myke tackle various ways to get audiobooks in to Overcast, discuss the creation of Alphabet, and cover the tools and processes Grey uses to create the animation for his videos.


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  5. 5by5 | Quit #71: Tony the Tiger

    In this listener-email focused episode, Dan talks about public speaking, facing challenges at work, and debt as slavery, how your job can affect your mental health, building an independent portfolio when you can’t at work, and more.


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  6. 5by5 | Road Work #1: Scrambling Eggs

    John Roderick and Dan Benjamin talk about rituals and routines, the privilege of being big, being introverted, stoping at stoplights, bad neighborhoods,

    making graveyards and fluffernutters, crumbling of bones, and making eggs.


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  7. 5by5 | Back to Work #233: Emotional Density

    TOPIC: Can I ask you a question?


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  8. H.I. #44: Cursed Tickets

    Grey & Brady discuss: who would win in a fight, many many travels, the n*aughty word, yet another corner, tasty words, Brady wants to talk watches again, uninformed thoughts on important news in the YouTube world, Cecil the Lion, and audiobook narrators.

    Also, there’s a little bit of homework.

    Also, there’s an auction for charity.

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    Show Notes:

    Discuss this episode


    Earth Sandwich

    Hawaii and The Great Nothing

    Antipodes map

    Brady sends Grey a naughty photo

    Grey isn’t wearing pants

    Gautam Gambhir

    Registrar’s Ink

    Anthem of the Seas

    Majesty of the Seas

    Marine Traffic Ship Tracker

    Brady in the X-men

    Skydiving with HI

    H.I. and Air Force One

    Lexical-gustatory synesthesia

    Numberphile: synesthesia

    Derek of Veritasium

    Derek in Hawaii

    Jake’s on a Plane

    Dulles carpet

    The combined Swiss/Apple Watch

    Brady’s take on the Combined Swiss/AppleWatch

    Brady’s Smiths Watch

    Forever 301

    I have no strong feelings one way ore the other

    Google Plus Decoupling

    The Diamond Button

    Brady: Mile of Pi

    Cecil the Lion (RIP)

    The Spiritual Home of Numberphile

    So You Have Been Publicly Shamed


    His Dark Materials

    Homework: The Martian

    The Cursed Cricket Tickets on eBay


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  9. Cortex #9: Draft A Day - Relay FM

    This time Grey has a Home screen disaster and Myke admits how he plays Prison Architect, before going on to talk about writing scripts for Youtube videos, and their thoughts on outlining and mind mapping.


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  10. 5by5 | Back to Work #232: You Got This.

    TOPIC: Don’t just be the meatbag in the room.


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