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  1. H.I. #45: Technobabble

    Grey & Brady discuss: balloons, passport scanners, freebooting leaves the nest and GIFs, stuff people do while listening to the podcast corner, gustatory synesthesia follow-up, Brady meets his favorite band, and The Martian homework.

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    Show Notes:

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    Brady goes to a balloon fiesta

    Janet Folkes videos

    Gordon Bennett Cup

    Brady’s photo of the University of Nottingham balloon

    Solar Powered Balloon

    Hank: Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video

    Destin of Smarter Every Day

    Derek of Veritasium

    The Physics Girl

    Cassini mission

    If trains could be snakes

    Road trains

    Lexical-gustatory synesthesia

    Brady brings J. Willgoose Esq from Public Service Broadcasting to the Royal Society

    Public Service Broadcasting - Go!

    The Martian

    The Martian 'teaser' trailer


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  2. H.I. #44: Cursed Tickets

    Grey & Brady discuss: who would win in a fight, many many travels, the n*aughty word, yet another corner, tasty words, Brady wants to talk watches again, uninformed thoughts on important news in the YouTube world, Cecil the Lion, and audiobook narrators.

    Also, there's a little bit of homework.

    Also, there's an auction for charity.

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    Show Notes:

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    Earth Sandwich

    Hawaii and The Great Nothing

    Antipodes map

    Brady sends Grey a naughty photo

    Grey isn't wearing pants

    Gautam Gambhir

    Registrar’s Ink

    Anthem of the Seas

    Majesty of the Seas

    Marine Traffic Ship Tracker

    Brady in the X-men

    Skydiving with HI

    H.I. and Air Force One

    Lexical-gustatory synesthesia

    Numberphile: synesthesia

    Derek of Veritasium

    Derek in Hawaii

    Jake’s on a Plane

    Dulles carpet

    The combined Swiss/Apple Watch

    Brady’s take on the Combined Swiss/AppleWatch

    Brady's Smiths Watch

    Forever 301

    I have no strong feelings one way ore the other

    Google Plus Decoupling

    The Diamond Button

    Brady: Mile of Pi

    Cecil the Lion (RIP)

    The Spiritual Home of Numberphile

    So You Have Been Publicly Shamed


    His Dark Materials

    Homework: The Martian

    The Cursed Cricket Tickets on eBay


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