Buildconf - On Web Typography JASON SANTA MARIA

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  1. JavaScript Air | Live at Fluent Conf

    Episode 013 of the live JavaScript broadcast podcast. Live at Fluent Conf, the web conference from O’Reilly Media about JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and the latest web development technologies and frameworks. Guests:

    Simon St. Laurent & Peter Cooper - Fluent Conf chairs Jen Looper - Getting physical with the beacon-enabled Web Maximiliano Firtman - Advanced mobile Web Jen Kramer - Planning successful products Rachel Andrew - Making sense of the new CSS layout

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  2. Down with Web Typography - Indra Kupferschmid

    Down with ‘web typography’, long live ‘typography on the web’. Indra will open Ampersand by persuading us to retire the notion of web typography as a special case with its own rules, and instead have us consider the typographic pitfalls specific to type on screens.

    Recorded at Ampersand 2015, Brighton, UK.

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  3. Richard Rutter – Typography in Responsive Web Design

    Typography wears many hats in the user experience world. It’s part of the overall look of the visual design. It can convey tone and meaning of the content. Well set type can improve the user experience through readability and be an important piece of the accessibility puzzle for users with low vision. As with most things involving the web these days, typography isn’t immune to the disruption caused by mobile and multi-device design.


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  4. The Next Steps for Web Typography - Marko Dugonjić

    We’ve come a long way with web typography since the dawn of web design, however, it sometimes feels as if the constraints of old still dampens our creativity. Marko will show us ways we can push typographic design on the web further, beyond the status quo of today.

    Recorded at Ampersand 2015, Brighton, UK.

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  5. D&AD and Monotype Typography Podcast Ep 1 – Context

    Designer Craig Oldham and writer Sarah Hyndman join journalist Rob Alderson to discuss typography and context.

    Over half an hour, our panel delve into the world of typography to uncover how the context of a typeface affects its meaning.

    A must listen for designers and art directors, from student to creative director level.

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