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  1. danah boyd — Online Reflections of Our Offline Lives | On Being

    danah boyd has intriguing advice on the technologically-fueled generation gaps of our age — that our children’s immersion in social media may offer a kind of respite from their over-structured, overscheduled analog lives.


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  2. The TakeAway - What Adults Can Learn from Teens About Online Privacy

    With all the stories we hear about cyber-bullying, teen sexting, and online predators, it’s easy for adults to feel concerned about the young people out there.

    Many parents worry: Why do all the kids nowadays have to post every moment of their lives online for the whole world to see? Do they even care about privacy?

    The fact is, kids aren't nearly as naïve as the world paints them to be. A new study by Pew indicates that, while it might look like they’re oblivious to privacy, kids are as good - if not better - than adults at keeping their online privacy in check.

    Katjana Jin is a 15-year-old high school student.

    Danah Boyd is a research assistant professor in Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University who specializes in social media, youth culture, and public versus private life.

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