[LISTEN] How you can help your children to get rich

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  1. The Tricky Business Of Retirement: Hidden 401(K) Fees : NPR

    You could end up with a lot less savings at 65 than you ever anticipated because of fees charged by the financial institutions managing your retirement accounts. Robert Hiltonsmith, who researches retirement security, says those fees were disclosed to 401(k) plan participants until only recently.



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  2. The Money Episode - Nuts & Bolts | misfitrad.io: Home of your new favorite podcasts.

    In this episode Brett and Austin talk about managing money in your small business. From setting up a bank account, to creating a budget, to saving. So many businesses fail because of money problems. By coming up with a plan for your money and sticking to it you can survive the ups and downs of owning a small business.


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  3. 282 There Is No Spoon

    Topics: Financial independence is 20% knowledge, 80% behavior. Your brain can trick you into poor decisions. Watch out for these deceptions to keep more of your hard earned money, Ingmar lost $220,000 - the bulk of his savings - in a pump and dump scam. Could you be next?, Pastors sue Coca-Cola in what could be the dumbest lawsuit in history, Ric (San Antonio, TX) asks for a financial check-up on his retirement savings, Laria (Melbourne, Australia) asks If everyone invests in index funds won’t the market returns go down?, DJ (Cali) leased an electric car and has come out ahead on the deal. He share’s how he made it work.


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  4. Saving Retirement [Teresa Ghilarducci]

    Is America facing a retirement crisis?  Teresa Ghilarducci, Director of the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at The New School for Social Research says yes, but that we can still save retirement.  In this episode of INET Animates, Ghilarducci explores the pitfalls of the current do-it-yourself retirement system and shares some solutions for saving retirement so all seniors can live with security and dignity.

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