Q&A with Dr Sonia // DOCTOR Covid-19 Vlog #25

You sent Dr Sonia (ICU Consultant) and I over a 100 questions! Thank you; we answered as many as we could on everything from medical school, our hobbies, life as a doctor right through to our recent experiences working in the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you everyone for all your support on these videos, and hope you are all staying safe! x

Timestamps… 00:00 Welcome! 00:43 How are we? 02:35 How did you choose your specialities? 06:00 Our mental health 08:59 How tough is medical school? 12:35 Advice on working in a fast paced setting 13:27 Dealing with death 16:01 Forming professional relationships 19:03 Second lockdown? 20:47 Advice for anxiety when staring university 23:36 Starting medicine later in life 26:16 What are our ways of coping with Covid-19? 27:07 Plans for Halloween costumes 27:56 Sonia’s life summarised story 30:09 How much more stress has been put on medical professionals during the pandemic 30:20 What Lego is Sonia currently building? 31:28 What Dr Sonia will miss most about Dr Ed 32:09 How we make tea 32:48 What we think of other countries management of Covid-19 34:03 Is there going to be a second wave? 34:17 What is Dr Hope’s most annoying habit? 35:28 What would you have told yourself 6 months ago? 36:32 What are we most looking forward…

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ol89swoUqw&list=WL&index=1&ab_channel=DrHope%27sSickNotes
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