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Aaron talks about his experience interviewing Noah Kagan for The Alpha M Podcast. Noah was the 30th employee at Facebook and 4th employee at Mint, and the founder of Sumo and AppSumo. ——- TRY TIEGE Want to give Tiege Hanley a try? Learn more & claim your offer at ——- VIDEO SUMMARY 00:00 Introduction Aaron discusses his last podcast interview with Noah Kagan, a serial entrepreneur and former Facebook employee, who is now worth over $10 Million.

1:22 Aaron Reached out to Noah Noah agreed to be on Aaron’s podcast which was awesome. Aaron was a little bit nervous to interview him but super excited. Noah brings a ton of value to his YouTube videos an he’s definitely worth checking out. The podcast will be live in a few weeks.

3:28 Why Do You Talk About Money So Much? Aaron asked Noah why he’s so willing to talk about money. Aaron hates talking about money, it makes him uncomfortable. Noah turned that question around on him, asking why Aaron is so uncomfortable talking about it. Noah said, “I always knew I was going to be rich.” That’s the complete opposite of how Aaron felt.

6:59 Living Modestly Is a Skill Noah lives in Austin, TX. He doesn’t drive a fancy car. He doesn’t live in a fancy home. He’s modest. It’s an inspiring way …

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