Jason Fried: 37signals Interview – Why Copy is More Important than Design | Design Interview

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  1. 37signals Podcast #6: 1) 37signals ID launch 2) A new way of working

    37signals ID launch Start time: 0:26 We recently launched 37signals ID which gives customers one username and password for all their Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, and Campfire accounts. In this segment, Jason and David talk about 37signals ID, what it means for customers, and what was surprising about the launch.

    A new way of working Start time: 7:05 Jason and David discuss how 37signals is now working in teams. A team is made of three people: One designer and two programmers. A system administrator will also assist the team when necessary. Each team will stay together for two months (a "term"). When two months are up, the teams split up and form again with different people.

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    David Heinemeier Hansson started working with Jason Fried at 37signals about 14-15 years ago. 10 years ago, they created Basecamp, their first SaaS product. This past week they decided to stop using the 37signals brand, and sell off (or stop developing) their other products (notably Highrise and Campfire).

    Our topic was: Why is 37signals changing it’s name to Basecamp? How will this change the company? Was it worth building those other products?

    Notable quotes:

    “Basecamp was special because it was forged out of constraints.” – DHH

    “I’m interested in trade-offs where it’s not easy: everyone wants more. More stuff, more money, more, more, more. What I find interesting is: ‘I want more peace of mind, and I’m going to give up some things for that.’” – DHH

    Show notes

    Announcement: 37signals is becoming Basecamp

    The new Basecamp

    2006 interview: who is 37signals?

    A note from Justin:

    A big thanks to David for being on the show!


    Justin Jackson@mijustin

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  3. 37signals Podcast #4 Jason Fried’s speech at BIG Ohmaha 2009

    Lessons learned at 37signals In this talk, Jason discusses what he’s learned at 37signals over the years. Topics covered: The idea that you should “fail early, fail often” is bogus. Plans are guesses. Interruption is the enemy of productivity. Sell your byproduct. Emulate chefs. Focus on what won’t change. If you want to do something, you’ve got to do it now.

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