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  1. Ask Maybe: My Financial Advisor Won’t Talk Bitcoin - Maybe

    Question: As a 24 year old, what do I do if my my financial advisor won't talk to me about buying and holding Bitcoin, along side gold, as a small % of my portfolio? I feel as though have done more research on the asset than they have. Answer: Great question! It's one that hits on a topic…


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  2. Scaling Up a Sourdough Bakery | Proof Bread

    Things are growing at the new bakery.

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    » Proof Bread is a modern throwback to a way of life that values small-scale craftsmanship, local community, and creativity. We are a small group of passionate bakers working in our garage (thanks to cottage laws) which has been converted into a micro-bakery. Everything we bake is made by hand, from the best local ingredients, with no short cuts.

    #sourdough #bread #bakery

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4IINAG7XC4&ab_channel=ProofBread
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  3. A Hunger For God - Part 1

    With so much unknown about upcoming decisions in the near future, it’s a reminder that one of the most challenging realities to walk through in life is when you are in limbo. We are often tempted to do anything to get out of uncertainty, even if it’s the wrong thing. This weekend Pastor Brandon will begin our discussion on a better response to being in limbo in our new series called “A Hunger for God.”

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZkkGuWSUOE&list=WL&index=2&ab_channel=TheChapel
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  4. Sunday at Home for Kids | October 11, 2020

    Good news: Tori got her driver’s license! Bad news: Tori hit a light pole while driving her mom’s car. Worse news: Tori hid the truth from her parents. But Tori discovers that God is faithful and fair. If we confess our sins, He will forgive us.

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    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcaUuFkJOrU&list=TLGGWvYH9ORJS5gxMTEwMjAyMA&index=2&ab_channel=ParentCue
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