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  1. SXSW: Metrics for Social Media: The Net Promoter Score

    Now that social media is accepted practice in the business world, the question still remains, how do you measure it?. The "bottom line" (ex. return on investment) is generally what comes to mind first for Leadership, but how do you measure your social media efforts when the focus of your business includes repeat and referral business? In their presentation, Mark Krupinski and Jeremy Hilton define the Net Promoter Score along with a case for it’s consideration as a Return on Investment (ROI) metric for your social media initiatives. Additionally, they compare this measurement with other customer loyalty and sentiment formulas currently being championed by industry leaders. Lastly, Mark and Jeremy review real world examples of the Net Promoter Score in practice by mainstream organizations.


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  2. SXSW: Writing Workshop with @BettyDraper: Saying It Short

    Helen Klein Ross presentation from SXSW 2011.

    In this age of attention deficit and time deprivation, brevity is critical to successful communication. Rules of writing succinctly are essential learning for storytellers of all persuasions: advertisers, marketers, PR practitioners and fictionistas. Learn from Shorty award winning voice of @BettyDraper how to create memorable communication in abbreviated space. Glean expertise from masters of the short form, both commercial and literary—including Hemingway, who wrote a story in a mere six words: "For sale: baby shoes. Never worn."


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  3. SXSW: Social Media Mythbusters

    Presentation by Peter Kim at SXSW 2011.

    The early days of social media were filled with hope - and even more hype. Social media gurus and experts started popping up everywhere, offering brands assistance based on shaky credentials. Catchphrases became commonplace: customers are in control! Focus on people, not technology! Listen first! You don't need a Facebook strategy! Without a doubt, social "stuff" has the potential to change the way businesses engage with consumers, employees work together, and consumers communicate with each other. However, businesses that focus on the learnings of early social media will find themselves no better off than the early pioneers who found themselves with figurative consumer arrows in their backs. This session will focus on what worked early on, why it doesn't work now, and what companies need to be thinking about now in order to create and capture value from social business.


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