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  1. The Wonderful Things in Internet of Things

    What an exciting time we live in. The past few years have seen such a huge change in what the Internet means to us. And now we are on the verge of what almost seems magical in what we will be able to do. Most of us remember a time when a desktop was the coolest thing ever. Now, the wonder is about smartphones and iPads. But what will come of us in a world where everything is connected? How will we exist in this new world? What are some of the examples we can point to that gives us a guide to what we should be thinking about? The Internet of Things means a world where the fabric of our lives is about data and the way it connects any kind of object. In this discussion, we’ll give you a tour of this new modern universe ,the wonder it holds and the dangers that come with a society supported by a deeply woven data fabric.


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