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  1. Small Business Smart Spending - 5 Categories Explained (FS042)

    When you’re bootstrapped and on your own, spending money on anything is harrowing. Is it going to be worth it? Do I need this to “turn pro?” Don’t I need to spend money to make money?

    In this episode we share stories and lessons learned about spending smartly in five categories of small business (plus 2 bonuses):

    Payment Processors



    Training & Coaching


    bonus: Negotiating with vendors

    bonus: dopplebangers

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    A podcast for creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders…

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    My favorite quote from this: “Quit asking questions as an excuse to NOT do the work.”Tweet This  

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    Show Notes

    Gumroad Quick Start — get started selling online — How to get started with this simple, powerful tool. Stop scheming. Start Shipping.

    Gumroad — Get your thing up, release it, see what happens, get more ideas, get better.

    The Tools We Use at Fizzle — (post coming in a few days. Get on the list and we’ll send it to you).

    Squarespace — “A better web starts with your website.” I like these guys… a lot.

    MailChimp — “Send better email.” I also like these guys… a lot.

    NMX Keynote 2014 — Scott Stratten — Alienate Customers, Dishearten Employees, and Drive Your Business Into the Ground –

    — QR codes kill kittens… swear to doge.

    Doge | Know Your Meme — An explanation of the “doge” meme I can’t get enough of. It’s dumb. Don’t waste your time.

    Scott Stratten NMX Doge — the doge image I made of Scott’s NMX presentation. His response. And another one I made called Bloge (cuz I’m a total fk’n dork).

    Tips To Make The Most of Conferences (FS032) — “Big things happen at conferences — business partners find each other, ideas get born and developed, people find encouragement and insights and sometimes good, ol’ fashioned friendships begin.”


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