NFTs, Rebels and the new Creator Economy | Good Time Show (FULL EPISODE)

The Good Time Show is joined by @nassyweazy, @_sas42 and @3LAU to talk the new Rebels NFT project, the new creator economy, and more!

0:00 - We make this show to celebrate builders and creators 1:36 - Meeting the Rebels and 3LAU 4:57 - How did 3LAU get into NFTs? 6:50 - How mainstream celebrities are showing interest in NFTs 9:39 - How Web3 gives control back to the creators 11:13 - Royal believes music investment should be open to the public 13:05 - How NFTs align incentives between fans and artists 15:20 - Nass gives the Rebels NFT backstory 19:35 - How The Good Time Show inspired Nass (and establishing trust in the NFT space) 23:19 - How Rebels went from idea to execution (community + technology + art) 27:43 - What’s the technology that runs Rebels? 30:24 - Why do you publish your smart contracts code? 33:12 - Why open source means faster utility for everyone 36:12 - Tech tips to get started building
39:12 - How do you build a strong, authentic community 47:03 - What got 3LAU interested in Rebels? 51:02 - How did COVID affect development of Rebels? 51:40 - When mint? What’s coming for Rebels NFT? 54:44 - How are you going to scale the project? 57:29 - What’s happening with NFTs in the next few months? 01:01:13 - How do you join the Rebels community?

Learn more about Rebels here: https:…

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