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  1. Star Wars: C3PO’s Story

    In the mid-1970s, English classical actor Anthony Daniels was asked to audition for a role as a droid in a new science fiction film by a little-known Hollywood director. The film turned out to be Star Wars and the director, George Lucas. Star Wars went on to become one of the biggest blockbusters of all time; while Anthony Daniels turned C3PO into one of the most famous robots in cinema history.

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  2. Kathleen Kennedy: From Standing In Line To See ‘Star Wars’ To Producing It Herself : NPR

    The Lucasfilm president was handpicked by George Lucas to take over his company and the franchise. She’s aware that all her film mentors have been men; "I need to bring other women along," she says.

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  3. Spoken™ - In a galaxy far far away, NPR reviewed the original ‘Star Wars’ in 1977

    Susan Stamberg, then host of All Things Considered, and NPR’s then movie critic Tom Shales discuss the new movie “Star Wars,” later renamed “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.”

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  4. The “Poster Boys” on How Star Wars Posters Changed Design ForeverAIGA Eye on Design | AIGA Eye on Design

    Ahead of the release of the latest entry in the Star Wars saga, the Poster Boys pull out the history books to uncover the story behind nearly 40 years of Star

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  5. dConstruct 2015: Chris Noessel

    This one gets super-nerdy. Jeremy and Chris geek out about interfaces in science fiction films, from Logan’s Run to Iron Man, applying the principle of apologetics along the way. To kick off, Chris humours Jeremy’s crackpot theory about the Star Wars universe, and to wrap up, Chris unveils a very special event taking place the evening before dConstruct.

    In his day job at Cooper, Christopher designs products and services for a variety of domains, including health, financial, and consumer; as well as teaching, speaking, and evangelising design internationally. Prior experience includes developing kiosks for museums, helping to visualise the future of counter-terrorism, building prototypes of coming technologies for Microsoft, and designing telehealth.

    His spidey-sense goes off semi-randomly, leading him to speak about a range of things including interactive narrative, ethnographic user research, interaction design, sex-related technologies, free-range learning, generative randomness, and designing for the future.

    He is co-author of Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction (Rosenfeld Media 2012), and the force behind the blog

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  6. The Incomparable | Find My Lightsaber (Episode 243)

    A new “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” trailer as appeared! And, as was fated, we are here to deconstruct it within an inch of its life. Dark Side IKEA end tables! John Boyega quotes us the odds! Bespoke evil ships! And is that a glimmer in your eye, or just some lens flare? Plus we give some love to BB8, everyone’s favorite robotic soccer ball.

    Dan Moren reports in from the Star Wars celebration, and Serenity Caldwell phones in from her car. This is serious business, people.

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  7. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace with Greg Proops - I Was There Too

    The smartest man in the world, Greg Proops joins Matt this week to discuss his role as Fode in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Greg shares how he was cast alongside Scott Capurro while performing stand-up in Edinburgh around 1997, what it was like meeting George Lucas for the first time while wearing a blue latex outfit & full character makeup, and his reaction when he found out he was turned into a completely CGI character. Plus, Matt brings up the rumor of Benicio Del Toro originally playing Darth Maul in another exciting installment of I Wasn’t There Too.

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  8. The MovieByte Podcast #115: Bonus Episode - ‘The Force Awakens’ Teaser Trailer

    It’s a special bonus episode of The MovieByte Podcast where TJ, Joe, and Clark talk about — actually dissect might be a better word — the first new teaser trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. There’s no shortage of opinions, fun, and just generally geeking out. You won’t want to miss this!

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  9. Bonus Ep. – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer | The /Filmcast

    David, Devindra, Germain, and Peter discuss the new 88-second teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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  10. The Incomparable | Forcegiving (Episode 222)

    There’s now a teaser trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, and you know we have opinions. And so, in great Incomparable fashion, we’re here to talk about 80 seconds of video for more than an hour. How could we not?

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