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  1. Moby : Creativity and the Freedom to Fail

    The one-and-only Moby spoke to our LA/CreativeMornings audience of moving to LA from NYC, creativity, inspiration, and the freedom to fail.

    Moby at CreativeMornings Los Angeles, May 2014. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities. Discover hundreds of talks from the world’s creative community at

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  2. 43 – Great Artists Steal | The Creative Coding Podcast

    Somebody really likes Seb’s work but doesn’t want to pay for it… what happens next won’t surprise you!

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  3. The Spirit of Flickr and the Problem of Intent -

    Can we criticize Flickr for selling Creative Commons photos or is the problem more about how we understand licensing and value? Morten has opinions.

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  4. Unfinished Business 76: Two old farts Googling

    This week on Unfinished Business, impresario, organiser of Flash On The Beach and more recently Reasons To Be Creative, John Davey offers me some fatherly advice on how to handle a personal dilemma and what not to wear at Alex’s upcoming graduation. We talk about the Reasons To Be Creative conference, how he finds and why he chooses so many new speakers and his unusual elevator pitch approach.

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  5. Jeffrey Veen – Dorm Room Tycoon

    In this interview Jeffrey Veen Co-founder of Typekit, talks about the importance of having relationships and the power of working in small teams.

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  6. BBC - BBC World Service Programmes - The Interview, 31/07/2010 Joi Ito

    Joi Ito is an investor in early stage internet projects, and he has backed some big successes including Twitter and Flickr. He thinks that about one in ten of these start-ups returns a decent amount, but the big ones - the Googles and the Yahoos - come once every five years. The trick he says, is to be in position when they arrive and his formula for doing so is a curious mix of networking, Buddhist philosophy and serendipity.

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  7. Brian Eno & Steven Johnson

    Brian Eno, musician, artist and author of 77 Million Paintings and Steven Johnson, author of Everything Bad is Good for You and The Invention of Air, come to the ICA to talk about how innovations happen and new platforms for creative thinking.

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  8. Merlin Mann on Doing Creative Work

    Merlin Mann talks about the process of doing creative work, and particularly how to abandon the quest for perfection, get off your butt and get started. (via

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  9. 43f Podcast: Gangs, Constraints, and Courageous Blocks

    Learn how ganging and constraints can help you create the blocks of time you need to devote 100% of your attention to making your best work. (10:32)

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  10. Spark Episode 73: Copyright, the public domain, and remix culture

    On this episode of Spark: Copyright, the public domain, and remix culture:

    • Kutiman remixes YouTube on THRU YOU (full interview)
    • Teru remixes Nora’s full interview with Kutiman to win Spark’s remix contest
    • James Boyle tries to balance intellectual property rights and the public domain (full interview)
    • Jean Dryden demystifies Canadian copyright law
    • Elizabeth mentions several helpful links
    • Nora mentions her full interview with Jason Kottke (coming soon)

    This episode features Creative Commons music and sound effects:

    • “Wadidyusay?” by Zap Mama
    • “Climbing the Mountain” by Podington Bear
    • “Spark Kutiman Interview Minute” by teru
    • “Movin’ on Up” by Chad Crouch

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