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  1. Kallet And Larsen: Playing With A Full Deck : NPR

    After decades of producing solo albums, renowned American folk musicians Grey Larsen and Cindy Kallet have released their first collaboration, Cross the Water. Here, they talk about their musical partnership and their influences in traditional Scandinavian and Balkan music.

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  2. Sharon Van Etten | Broken Record

    Sharon Van Etten joins us today—the singer/songwriter who Pitchfork recently crowned an “indie rock institution.” Earlier this month, Van Etten released her sixth and arguably best album, We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong. On today’s episode, Broken Record producer Leah Rose talks to Sharon Van Etten about recording her new album in her L.A.-based home studio during lockdown while attempting to balance domestic life. Sharon also explains how her inner Jersey girl comes out onstage. And why wearing leather pants and heels on stage post-pandemic feels so daunting.

    Hear a playlist of all of our favorite Sharon Van Etten’s songs HERE.

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  3. Rhiannon Giddens Comes Home | Broken Record

    Rhiannon Giddens is a brilliant fiddle and banjo player who’s one of the few musicians alive today trained in the centuries-old black string band tradition. Giddens is a North Carolina native but now lives in Ireland, not far from her partner Francesco Turrisi. During lockdown, the duo recorded their latest album, They’re Calling Me Home.

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