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  1. Clayton Christensen | Capturing the Upside

    What decisions can managers take to increase their probability of successfully building innovation-driven growth businesses? Many are convinced that it is impossible to predict with confidence whether an innovation will succeed, so they feel they need to place a number of bets with the hope that some will be winners. Others believe that the best way to create new growth businesses is to meticulously search for detailed quantitative data to identify opportunities and develop a rigorous plan to attack those opportunities. But many times conclusive data is only available after the game has already been won. Professor Christensen has another way. He suggests using theory. Every action a manager takes, every plan a manager makes is based on some belief of cause and effect.

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  2. All In The Mind - 19 March 2011 - Your fabulous bilingual brain!

    Many Anglo-Australians lament speaking only one language when they travel overseas. But now we know being bilingual pays big dividends - culturally and cognitively. From bilingual babies to slowing the deterioration of Alzheimer's, three leading psycholinguists join Natasha Mitchell, ABC Radio National (Australia) to share their striking research.

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