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  1. Facing up to Fonts

    Browser support for the typographical aspects of CSS is gradually increasing. Things are on the up.

    Richard will be trouncing the myth of web-safe fonts, demonstrating how to go beyond bold, detailing the technicalities of font embedding and exploring the commercial and ethical minefield therein.

    The introduction of font embedding in particular is a long-awaited step in the right direction. However it brings with it a host of complications; technical, ethical and aesthetic.

    This session will explain all.

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  2. I care because you do

    Crushed into submission by the weight of impending deadlines, battered and bruised by insane client demands, and reduced to a quivering mess by technical problems, how does the web designer inject care, passion, and polish into a project? When and how is it possible to add that extra layer of TLC when all you want to do is get it finished? Elliot Jay Stocks looks at the motivation behind great design, and attempts to inspire by removing the client from the picture and focus on the importance of design evolution.

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  3. Experiments in Data Portability

    The concept of Data Portability is one of the most widely talked about topics in the ongoing development of social media. Glenn will take us through his current research work, building experimental interfaces to allow users to freely and securely exchange their data between sites. From Google’s Social Graph, Portable Contacts API and new concepts in data discovery to the future user experience design patterns.

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  4. The growth in the Freelancer Marketplace - Fact or Fiction (Part 2)

    Kingston University survey on freelancers, reactions and opinions from John Kell of the Professional Contractors Group and Nathan Pope of Latitude Hosting and the Brighton Farm.

    Topics Covered:

    * Growth in the freelance market
    * Freelancer figures, statistics and research
    * Male and Female freelancing split in IT contracting and creative industries
    * Response and reflection from John Kell (PCG), Nathan Pope (Brighton ) Darren Fell (Crunch)

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  5. Settling New Caprica: Getting Your Pet Project Off The Ground

    Pet projects: everybody’s got them. But how many of them never see the light of day? In this talk, Tom Armitage looks at some of the obstacles that impede such projects, and how to get over them. The talk also considers some ways to streamline the process of releasing software when you’re your own client, and perhaps might give some ideas to improve not only your personal projects, but your work projects as well.

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    Greig Holbrook, MD of Oban Multilingual, knew he had a huge opportunity in the field of Multilingual search engine optimisation but was struggling to take full advantage. Based at the Sussex Innovation Centre (SInC) he decided to use a SInC product, Superincubation, to help structure and focus intensively on the growth of his business. This podcast gives Greig’s feedback on the process.

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