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  1. The Archive Team

    Most of us think nothing of putting our lives in the cloud; photos in Flickr, videos on YouTube, most everything on Facebook. But what about when those services abruptly go away, taking all of our collective contributions with them? Well Jason Scott operates on the assumption that everything online will one day disappear. He explains to Bob why he and the Archive Team are dedicated to saving user-generated content for posterity.

    GUESTS: Jason Scott

    HOSTED BY: Bob Garfield

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  2. The Save Button Ruined Everything: Backing Up Our Digital Heritage

    Jason Scott is a man on a mission — save all the things.

    But what does “save” mean in the modern world, in the waterfall of personal and private data, and where do we even begin? Turning on the history-o-matic, Jason provides a backdrop to our attempts to “save”, what has been done, and what we can do. The talk will be fast-paced and loud, like a hard drive at the end of its life.

    Jason Scott is a force of nature, tirelessly dedicated to preserving our digital history, from old-school game manuals to the latest social networking sites hell-bent on sucking our collective culture into “the cloud.”

    He is also a documentary film maker. He made BBS: The Documentary and Get Lamp, all about text adventure games.

    In the run-up to the destruction of Geocities, Jason set up Archive Team, a collective of volunteers who back up first and ask questions later. He now works for the Internet Archive, though he is at pains to point out that he does not speak for them.

    And yet, despite all his achievements, Jason will probably never be as well-known as his cat Sockington, who has over a million followers on Twitter.

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  3. Jason Scott Talks His Way Out Of It: Episode 04

    How Can I Possibly Interview, Listen at Parties, BBS Documentary, The Punishing Road, Favorite Interviews, Sleep Interview, Saddest Interviews, Florida Sink.

    I'm travelling and so I can't record in my usual little studio, and just used a room at the Internet Archive. It'll be something similar for next week, so if you have issues with the audio, let me know.

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  4. Jason Scott Talks His Way Out Of It: Episode 03

    Love My Job, Life at Internet Archive, Laid Off, Sabbatical, Getting Hired, The CEO and the Strip Club, Free.

    This Tuesday I'm being flown to Amsterdam to speak at a conference, followed by going to California for the Internet Archive's annual event. The challenge will be to keep the podcast going through these two trips; if I can make it all work, I think we'll have episodes for a long time to come.

    Thanks to Jeff Atwood for a $100 level support and Astrid Smith, Sam Johnston, Kevin Waters and James Baicoianu for support at the $50 level.

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  5. The Internet Archive with Jason Scott – The Retro Hour EP69 – Your Weekly Dose of Retro Gaming and Technology News, Views and Interviews

    We reminisce about BBS, Geocities and the earliest days of the Web with Internet Archive’s Jason Scott.

    The Internet Archive:

    Thanks to our amazing donators this week: Paul Harrington, Michael Keith, Lars Boddum, Paul Edwards

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    Spectrum Next funded in one day:

    Turn iPhone into a retro Mac:

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  6. Jason Scott Talks His Way Out Of It: Episode 05

    California, California, Not California, Dot Boom California, Dot Bust California, Internet Archive California. My many experiences of California: As dream, as reality, as a broken dream, a bust, and as a dream again.

    When I get home next week, I'm going to sit down and work on the next generation of this show, to refine a bunch of processes. Thanks for your patience as I work through this new project!

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  7. Interview with Jason Scott regarding Geocities

    This is a collection of Geocities data downloaded by a bunch of people who call themselves ARCHIVE TEAM, who began scraping the Yahoo! Geocities site during a six month period in 2009, before Yahoo! shut down on October 26th, 2009.

    At the time of the purchase, Geocities was the THIRD most popular website on the Internet. Even by the time of its shutdown, it was in the top 250. We don't have complete rock-solid knowledge of why it was shut down, but all signs point to Yahoo! trying to get back to basics (like, uh, having a huge audience?) and Geocities magically didn't fall into this new "focus", and lacked any internal cheerleader to make it last through meetings.

    Yahoo! succeeded in destroying the most amount of history in the shortest amount of time, certainly on purpose, in known memory. Millions of files, user accounts, all gone.

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