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I am a hungry designer and developer living and working in Cincinnati, OH. I like my drink strong, my friends old, my music loud, and my work tough.

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  1. Financial Crises & Asset Bubbles | The Prof G Show

    On this episode of The Prof G Show, Scott Galloway shares insights on economic bubbles and the inevitable nature of crises.

    0:00 The making of a financial crisis 3:03 WebVan 4:30 SPACs & adjusted EBITDA 5:52 Virgin Galactic 6:25 Tesla & Robinhood 7:30 Nikola Motors 7:56 Quibi 9:32 Thoughts from the Dawg 10:47 PSA

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  2. Jason Isbell: The Fresh Air Interview : NPR

    The singer-songwriter earned a name for himself while playing with Drive-By Truckers and The 400 Unit, but on his new album — written after he got sober — Isbell finds a new level of emotional honesty. Here, he talks with Terry Gross about his life and plays songs from Southeastern.

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