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  1. Truancy Volume 63: Damu

    The last few years saw a deluge of mediocrity in a scene describing itself as "UK bass music", which drew together the politest bits of house, techno, garage and dubstep for a depressingly vanilla sound. Thankfully, the scene also yielded some real original talents, one of whom is Damu, an artist with releases that include an album on Keysound Productions, "Unity", a riot of colour and glitter, and EPs on Local Action and his own new label Damu. He’s as much in demand as a remixer as he is a producer, crafting reworks for labels Hippos in Tanks, Bella Union and Tri Angle, among others. In addition to his own eponymous label, he runs Fulcrum Records, which has released EPs by Paleman and Thefft. We waxed lyrical about his latest, "If You’ve Got Nothing To Hide / You’ve Got Nothing To Fear" and figured the time was right to hit him up for a Truancy Volume. Ever the gent, he obliged with a mix of unreleased exclusives, icy grime tunes and oddball jams - and we love it. We had a chat with Sam about bendy legs, Bhangra and staying out of trouble.

    —Huffduffed by prehensile