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  1. Episode 110 - Andy Ihnatko Interview — The Apple WatchCast Podcast - A podcast dedicated to the Apple Watch

    A podcast dedicated to the Apple Watch, the most personal device yet.

    Join us every week as we discuss all the latest and greatest news about the Apple Watch. We'll also have app reviews, interviews and tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Apple Watch.

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  2. Intentionally Wandering - Episode 43 - This Could Help with Patrick Rhone

    Patrick Rhone, essayist and writer of multiple books, shares his journey and lessons learned from using his writing to make this world a better, stronger, and friendlier place. We dive deep into a number of very challenging but important concepts including what is enough, choices and decisions that we make every day that Patrick calls Final Decisions and Sensible Defaults, what is truth, and mindfulness for mere mortals like us. Plus Patrick teaches us all how we can meditate simply, quickly, and effectively every day, no matter what.

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  3. The Critical Path #138: The Critical MBA

    Horace and Anders discuss this year's CES, Apple's record $25B in payments to developers as well as the initial installment of the Critical Path MBA. How is business taught in schools? What is a business school graduate optimized to do? Horace explains what one might need to know when considering a business degree.

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  4. 14: Orson Welles of the Genre

    Apple has been using cinematic techniques in their events and ads since 1984. Horace Dediu, Jason Snell, and John Gruber discuss the story Apple has told on screens for 30 years: one of engineering thriving on dynamic creativity.

    Panelists Horace Dediu runs Asymco and hosts The Critical Path. Jason Snell bleeds Six Colors, captains The Incomparable, and just started Upgrade and moved Clockwise to RelayFM. John Gruber is the Daring Fireball, hosts The Talk Show, and is 1/3 of Vesper, a great note-taking app. Sponsors Symbolicons: 40% off any icon bundle with ESN1 Harry's: $5 off with ELECTRIC Backblaze: unlimited, unthrottled backup for $5/month Iconic: $25 off Iconic Classic or Classic Plus (Fair Use) Audio Clips - Video Library 1984, directed by Ridley Scott Apple Watch - Reveal Mac Pro - Cinema Ad New Coke (two ads in one), directed by Ridley Scott iMac - (She Comes in) Colors iMac - Jeff Goldblum: Email Ortega Tacos Gold iPhone 5s - Metal Mastered John Lasseter and Steve Jobs on Charlie Rose (1996) Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh Show Notes and Links The Making the New Mac Pro short is a great example of the industrial documentary style so often copied. Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized are all very, very well-made documentaries. More "Solid Goldblum": Beige and Three Pizzas. Three Steps couldn't be used because a version with decent audio couldn't be found in time. Exploding Tacos got you down? That purse just too confusing? Has your arm lost all ability to carry the weight of a chip bowl? Can't stop knocking over Cheetos? I…don't know what to tell you. My least favorite thing about the above-linked Charlie Rose interview is almost every minute of it that is not included in this week's show. Calm down, Charlie! Damn! Not used in the show proper, but still great: the original 2007 "Hello" teaser for iPhone. Creativity, Inc. Incomparable 197: Fail Fast (Creativity Inc.) When it posts within 24 hours of this episode, The Incomparable #212 will be the Toy Story-centric episode mentioned here. The introduction of the original iPhone.

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  5. Dreamers Podcast - Patrick Rhone A Writer Who Has Lived The Best And Worst

    A tough life has taught Patrick Rhone how to be resilient! Patrick Rhone has gone through a time in his life where he had to plan out when he would eat his one meal a day so his two kids could eat three meals. He learned a lot from that experience and it shows in his personality and especially in his writing.

    With time, light shined down on his life, and he now lives a great life with his young daughter, and loving wife. Patrick Rhone, in recent years was granted the ability to pursue his passion that he had carried since he was a young boy of writing as a profession.

    Patrick Rhone’s insightfulness into the little things of life have helped many people and has helped him publish several books.

    I was very excited when Patrick Rhone agreed to be on Dreamers Podcast because I am a huge fan of his work! I think you can find something in any of his writings, and I encourage everyone to check out his sites. This really is an incredible story of a man who did everything he could for his two sons as a young age, and has been greatly rewarded later in life for his struggles.

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    Music Selection: Devo – “Through Being Cool” Buy Now


    Mentioned: Your Money Or Your Life Book

    Episode 46

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