Peace and Joy Parenting Series: Alfie Kohn Interview

This interview with Alfie Kohn is eye opening in so many regards! If you wan to truly teach your children to be kind and self-motivated for the long run, you are not going to want to miss his (sometimes unconventional) approach!

Alfie teaches parents how to approach their children with love to reduce the conflicts and truly grow a child from the inside out instead of forcing our own ideas and rules upon them.

There is a lot of amazing insight in this interview!!

Part of the Peace and Joy Parenting Series with Jennifer M Stuart:

Learn more about Alfie and his amazing research at

Alfie Kohn is the author of 14 books on education, parenting, and human behavior, including PUNISHED BY REWARDS (1993), THE SCHOOLS OUR CHILDREN DESERVE (1999), UNCONDITIONAL PARENTING (2005), THE HOMEWORK MYTH (2006), and THE MYTH OF THE SPOILED CHILD (2014).

He has appeared twice on “Oprah,” as well as on “The Today Show” and many other TV and radio programs.

His articles include: “Five Reasons to Stop Saying ‘Good Job!’”, “How Not to Teach Values,” and “Atrocious Advice from ‘Supernanny.’ ”

Kohn works with educators and parents across the country; he lives (actually) in the Boston area and (virtually) at

Part of the Peace and Joy Parenting Seri…

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