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  1. Macworld Podcast 469: Of ice cream and Apple Pay

    This week’s podcast is a sprinkling of follow-up and news, like the jimmies Susie can now get on her Apple Pay ice cream from Rite Aid.

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  2. Tech News Today 1312: Twitter Results Are Nothing to Tweet About

    Twitter shares plunged 10% this morning in reaction to the company’s earnings call, German privacy watchdog has ordered Facebook to allow users to use pseudonyms, Intel and Micron introduce 3D Xpoint memory chips, Amazon proposes Flight Rules for drones, and more…

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  3. Tech News Today 1311: New Moto X Works With All Carriers!

    Motorola unveils the Moto X Pure Edition and more, OnePlus announces the new OnePlus 2, new customer satisfaction ratings for social networks, a new store on Amazon that sells crowdfunded gadgets, and more…

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  4. Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy Episode 152: Mad Max: Fury Road

    In the latest episode of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast our panel discusses the greatness of "Mad Max: Fury Road."

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  5. Triangulation 209: iJustine

    Justine Ezarik, best known as iJustine, is an Internet celebrity and actress. Once one of the Internet’s first and most popular lifecasters, she’s since cultivated a massive audience on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

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  6. The Ihnatko Almanac #149: Wish Upon a Monkey’s Paw

    Andy and Dan talk about Amazon’s Prime Day, Minions, music, and Pixar.

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  7. Macworld Podcast 466: Baby you can park my iPod

    Susie’s cold is finally gone, Apple put out a sweet new iPod touch, and Glenn used apps to turn his rental car into KITT from Knight Rider. Good times.

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  8. Macworld Podcast 465: O El Capitan, my Capitan

    Jason Snell joins Glenn and Susie to discuss the things we love in the OS X and iOS betas.

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  9. All About Android 222: Android Is PET Friendly

    Android M Preview 2, Google’s take on proximity, and Commodore’s Android phone.

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  10. ShopTalk 173: With Andy Budd

    Andy Budd is a User Experience Designer and partner at Clear Left in Brighton, England.

    He joins us to talk progressive enhancement, Safari #hotdrama, Dave’s new web app, and more.

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