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  1. The Web Ahead Episode 110: Understanding the Web with Jeremy Keith

    The web is being compared to "native" a lot these days, with some even declaring the web dead. But what are the strengths web? What does it do that native can’t touch? What is it we are making when we are creating something of the web? Jeremy Keith joins Jen Simmons to articulate how to understand and appreciate the web.

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  2. The Big Web Show #136: Designed With Web Standards: USA! USA! featuring Maya Benari

    Jeffrey Zeldman’s Big Web Show guest is front-end designer Maya Benari (@mayabenari), a leading contributor to the U.S. Web Design Standards.

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  3. Re/code Decode Episode 7: Vijaya Gadde, Walt Mossberg

    Twitter general counsel Vijaya Gadde talks about social media and the law, Walt Mossberg and Kara go back and forth on Apple’s fall lineup and Kara gives the ABCs of aging in Silicon Valley.

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  4. H.I. #48: Grumpy About Art

    Grey & Brady discuss: Brady has been naughty, the holy crusade to bring hotstoppers to all Starbucks UK locations (CLICK HERE), Brady still doesn’t like the Apple Watch, things flying first class, the continuing drama in the New Zealand flag referendum, cool things to own and (maybe) display, the law of large numbers and Hello Internet, the bi-weekly weigh in, and a field trip to Dismaland.

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  5. H.I. #47: Charismatic Megafauna

    Grey & Brady discuss: the lack of hotstoppers in Starbucks in the UK, wolfgate, pilots and snipers, Google’s new logo and Google creepiness, the bi-weekly weigh in and the Grey Health Bot, Corners Corner, and the next round of drama in the New Zealand flag referendum.

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  6. Upgrade #56: The Migration Experience - Relay FM

    This week Jason and Myke share their iPhone 6S/6S Plus upgrade experiences, and give their first impressions of the new iPhone 6S features.

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  7. Accidental Tech Podcast: 134: Who Did It Firster?

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  8. Unfinished Business 115: ‘Extreme tool anxiety’ with Brad Frost and Stephen Hay

    This week on episode 115 of Unfinished Business, I’m joined by returning guests Brad Frost and Stephen Hay. After talking about the best coffee mug in the world, we get right down it and discuss why it’s dangerous to bring computer science principles and heavy development tools into web design.

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  9. ShopTalk 180: Panel on “Inline Styles”

    This week we’ve got a panel discussion with Colin, Nicole, Jed and Jeremy talking the hottest of hotdrama: Inline Styles. Is CSS dead? Is JavaScript the singularity that will take over the Web? Tune in to find out!

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  10. Nerdist Podcast: Leo Laporte

    Leo Laporte (TWiT) chats with Chris and Matt about all the technology they have, dealing with trolls online, and how Obama might deal with trolls. They also talk about TWiT being in its 10th year, and where they see the future of technology heading!

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