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  1. Exponent Episode 125 — The Super-Aggregators

    Ben and James discuss the different levels of aggregation, Facebook and Russian ads, and why it’s worth defending the future.

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  2. Wiederholungstäter Folge 96: Mr. Robot

    Ein Computer-Sicherheitsspezialist findet während eines Angriffs auf die Rechner eines Klienten Hinweise auf die Hackergruppe "fsociety", die letztlich zu großen Enthüllungen über ihn selbst führen.

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  3. Exponent Episode 124 — The Watch, The Phone, The Beatles

    Ben and James discuss Apple’s the cellular Apple Watch, the iPhone X and 8 markets, and whether the opening was over-the-top.

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  4. Rework 03 - Pick A Fight (on Twitter)

    Basecamp CTO David Heinemeier Hansson is known for many things, including creating Ruby on Rails and writing business books. He also has a knack for arguing with people on the Internet. This cheerfully profane conversation explores how Twitter is like a virtual pillow to scream into and the role that extreme voices play in moving important conversations forward. We also relive some of David’s memorable Twitter melees, including the one that got him blocked by Paul Graham.

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  5. Rework 02 - Workaholics Aren’t Heroes

    Being tired isn’t a badge of honor. There, we said it. We’ve been saying this for a while now, because our culture loves to glorify toiling long hours for its own sake and we think that leads to subpar work and general misery. In this episode, we talk to a veteran of the video game industry and a member of Basecamp’s customer support team about workaholism and burnout. We also hear from a new business owner who’s balancing mindfulness with the demands of starting her own meditation-focused company.

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  6. Rework 01 - Sell Your By-products

    Welcome to the first episode of Rework! This podcast is based on Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson’s 2010 best-selling business book, which was itself based on years of blogging. So what better way to kick off this show than talking about byproducts? In this episode, Jason explains how Basecamp’s ideas have been packaged as blog posts, workshops, and books. We also visit a 145-year-old sawmill in Ontario, Canada to see how this family-owned business sells its physical byproducts.

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  7. Boagworld Web Show S18-E14: 5 reasons to love working with emails!

    This week on the Boagworld Show we have talks on why you should love designing emails and an unusual way to get clients thinking about design.

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  8. Boagworld Web Show S14-E08: A passion for craftsmanship

    This week we are joined by Cameron Moll to talk about his passion for craftsmanship and his unique approach to finding time for these creative projects.

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  9. Boagworld Web Show S14-E02: A passion for the web community

    This week on the Boagworld Show we are joined by Vitaly Friedman to discuss the passion and enthusiasm at the heart of the web community.

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  10. Triangulation 297: Daniel Suarez

    Daniel Suarez is the author of five books, including Daemon, Freedom(tm), and Influx. His latest book, Change Agent, depicts a near-future world where genetic editing technology has become commonplace. Daniel talks to Leo Laporte about how he writes, how biotech like CRISPR is poised to create the next industrial revolution, and what it will be like when your steak is grown in a vat instead of raised in a pen.

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