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  1. Vector with Rene Ritchie 079: The life and death of Twitter for Mac, with John Gruber

    Twitter for Mac is dead. After years of neglect, Twitter has finally put its Mac app out of its misery. This is our post-mortem on what happened, what went wrong, and where the Mac community goes from here.


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  2. Rework 03 - Pick A Fight (on Twitter)

    Basecamp CTO David Heinemeier Hansson is known for many things, including creating Ruby on Rails and writing business books. He also has a knack for arguing with people on the Internet. This cheerfully profane conversation explores how Twitter is like a virtual pillow to scream into and the role that extreme voices play in moving important conversations forward. We also relive some of David’s memorable Twitter melees, including the one that got him blocked by Paul Graham.


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  3. Triangulation 297: Daniel Suarez

    Daniel Suarez is the author of five books, including Daemon, Freedom(tm), and Influx. His latest book, Change Agent, depicts a near-future world where genetic editing technology has become commonplace. Daniel talks to Leo Laporte about how he writes, how biotech like CRISPR is poised to create the next industrial revolution, and what it will be like when your steak is grown in a vat instead of raised in a pen.


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  4. Re/code Decode Episode 7: Vijaya Gadde, Walt Mossberg

    Twitter general counsel Vijaya Gadde talks about social media and the law, Walt Mossberg and Kara go back and forth on Apple’s fall lineup and Kara gives the ABCs of aging in Silicon Valley.


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  5. Nerdist Podcast: Leo Laporte

    Leo Laporte (TWiT) chats with Chris and Matt about all the technology they have, dealing with trolls online, and how Obama might deal with trolls. They also talk about TWiT being in its 10th year, and where they see the future of technology heading!


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  6. Tech News Today 1312: Twitter Results Are Nothing to Tweet About

    Twitter shares plunged 10% this morning in reaction to the company’s earnings call, German privacy watchdog has ordered Facebook to allow users to use pseudonyms, Intel and Micron introduce 3D Xpoint memory chips, Amazon proposes Flight Rules for drones, and more…


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  7. Tech News Today 1311: New Moto X Works With All Carriers!

    Motorola unveils the Moto X Pure Edition and more, OnePlus announces the new OnePlus 2, new customer satisfaction ratings for social networks, a new store on Amazon that sells crowdfunded gadgets, and more…


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  8. Triangulation 209: iJustine

    Justine Ezarik, best known as iJustine, is an Internet celebrity and actress. Once one of the Internet’s first and most popular lifecasters, she’s since cultivated a massive audience on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.


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  9. All About Android 222: Android Is PET Friendly

    Android M Preview 2, Google’s take on proximity, and Commodore’s Android phone.

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  10. The Dan Benjamin Hour #63: Gwen Stacy Had No Plastic in Her Hair

    Dan talks about Taylor Swift’s letter to Apple and their reaction, Amazon’s new plan to pay authors by each page that is read, Dollar Shave Club valued at $615 million, Mikme, and more.


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