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  1. Track Changes: Jenn Schiffer Relates to Developers

    Building a community for developers: this week Paul and Gina talk to Jenn Schiffer, community engineer at Fog Creek’s Glitch, a platform for developers to write, share, and remix code that is, in Jenn’s words, helping to “lower the barriers for developers to build great things.” Topics discussed include development frameworks, how coding is taught, cultures of harassment online and in the tech world, and the (sort of mindblowing!) way a bloomin’ onion is made.

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  2. William Gibson: On Phones, Fiction, and the End of the World

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  3. 284: The Value of HTML and CSS with Mandy Michael and Lara Schenck - ShopTalk

    Jobs hunting and the frustration with job titles. Why isn’t it ok to only know HTML and CSS in 2017? Why do bootcamps seem to focus on javscript so much? We’re joined by Lara and Mandy for this episode to try and figure all of this out.

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  4. Presentable #32: Designing the Space You Work In - Relay FM

    Special guest Sarah Nelson, Studio Lead Designer at IBM, joins the show to discuss how to hack your office to enable better design work to happen.

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  5. 001: Jason Fried – Whose Schedule Are You On? - Hurry Slowly

    Basecamp co-founder and CEO Jason Fried on how to find a slow and steady approach to work in a world of constant interruptions.

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  6. Let’s Go Back to a Future Where Sci-Fi Does Good Time Travel | WIRED

    The concept of time travel is actually much newer than you might expect.

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  7. Think Culture Is a Space Opera? Nah, It’s a Trojan Horse | WIRED

    In the latest ‘Geeks’ Guide to the Galaxy’ podcast, Simone Caroti discusses his critical survey of the Culture series by sci-fi author Iain Banks.

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  8. Let’s Be Real: Judge Dredd Deserves Another Movie | WIRED

    The character’s legacy was tarnished by the Sylvester Stallone movie and redeemed by the 2012 reboot. He should get another shot.

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  9. Is Sci-Fi a Religious Experience? Adam Savage Thinks So | WIRED

    The one-time ‘MythBusters’ host has some ideas about just how transcendental science fiction can be.

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  10. TypeTogether — Responsive Web Design

    In the latest episode of the responsive web typography podcast, we talk to José Scaglione and Aaron Mentele about independent type foundry TypeTogether.

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