SitePoint Podcast #44: HTML5 is a (Beautiful) Mess

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  1. SitePoint Podcast #143: Happy HTML5 Holidays with Bruce Lawson

    This week our regular interview host Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) interviews Bruce Lawson who is a member of the Web Standards Project’s Accessibility Task Force, works at the Opera team and contributes to HTML5 Doctor.

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  2. Sitepoint Podcast 147

    Sitepoint host Louis Simoneau interviews Ryan Seddon about his course on Modernizr, his work on, and his other CSS projects too. Louis also sits down with Bruce Lawson to talk about HTML5 semantics, usage, developed, packs, workarounds, polyfills and everything in between.

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  3. Ensuring a High Performing Web for the Next Billion People - Bruce Lawson (Velocity Amsterdam)

    From Velocity Amsterdam 2015: - Where will your next customers come from? Why do the next billion matter, and where do they come from? - What devices do they use? - What challenges do they face? Devices, networks, etc. - What is coming in web standards to ameliorate some of these? - What can browsers do to help – and how do proxy browsers work? - How can web developers ensure their sites work properly with proxy browsers? - What is Opera doing to make its Opera Mini proxy browser faster and better?

    About Bruce Lawson (Opera ASA): Bruce Lawson advocates open standards for Opera. He’s been involved in explaining and making web standards since 2002. He co-wrote the first book on HTML5, contributed to the W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices, and was a member of the Web Standards Project.

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  4. .NET Rocks! 786 Bruce Lawson Has Responsive Web Design

    At NDC, Carl and Richard talk to Bruce Lawson about responsive web design. Responsive web design from Bruce’s point of view is web pages that are able to adjust to the browser and device that they are being viewed on. From the huge displays on desktop PCs to the tiny screens of smartphones, you can make your web pages work effectively! Bruce talks about some of the tools and libraries available to simplify responsive web design, so check out the links from the show!

    Born into the tech world when he was hastily delivered on a table in the London Science Museum, Bruce evangelises Open Web Standards for Opera. He co-authored Introducing HTML5, the first book on the subject, and was a member of the W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group. Previously, he’s been front-end technical lead for the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority web sites, tutor to a princess’ daughter in Thailand, a movie extra in Bombay, and a tarot card reader in Istanbul. He blogs at, drinks Guinness and is training for a blue belt in kickboxing.

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  5. JSJ 421: Semantic HTML with Bruce Lawson

    Bruce Lawson is an expert in and proponent of semantic HTML. After receiving some good natured ribbing, Bruce walks the panel through the benefits of semantic HTML. He provides several examples on how it’s used and in particular how it helps with other issues like accessibility and navigability on your websites.


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