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  1. Dialog Season 1 Episode 3: Writing Online with John Gruber of Daring Fireball (Part 2)

    For part two of a two-part conversation, Federico and John are joined by John Gruber of Daring Fireball and The Talk Show to talk about independent writing in 2019, staying relevant, reputation, the role priorities play in defining your writing voice, the impact of podcasting on writing, Markdown, and more.


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  2. Dialog Season 1 Episode 2: Writing Online with John Gruber of Daring Fireball (Part 1)

    For part one of a two-part conversation, Federico and John are joined by John Gruber of Daring Fireball and The Talk Show to talk about how he got started, the role of luck, privilege, hard work, and talent in success, the toxicity of social media, building a business writing online, advertising, sponsorships, hairpieces, and more.


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  3. Dialog Season 1 Episode 1: Writers and Writing

    Setting the stage for Season 1 on writers and writing, Federico and John discuss how they got started as writers, the writing process, owning and controlling your writing, the role of privilege, luck, and hard work, and more.


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  4. Triangulation 395: Celia Hodent: The Gamer’s Brain

    Celia Hodent is a cognitive scientist, game industry veteran, and author of The Gamer’s Brain: How Neuroscience and UX can Impact Video Game Design. She talks with Denise Howell about common misconceptions on how the brain works, how games like Fornite use cognitive science to create an engaging experience, the problem with the term ‘gaming addiction,’ when loot boxes become gambling, and more.


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  5. Triangulation 394: Leander Kahney: Tim Cook

    Megan Morrone speaks with Leander Kahney, the editor and publisher of CultofMac.com and author of Inside Steve’s Brain, Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products, and Cult of Mac, about his latest book, Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level. They discuss Tim’s background and how he started at Apple, how Cook fixed Apple’s supply chain with just-in-time manufacturing, and the clash between Apple and the FBI over iPhone encryption, and more.


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  6. Triangulation 398: Daniel Suarez: Delta-v

    NYT bestselling author Daniel Suarez returns to talk with Leo Laporte about his latest book Delta-v, a near-future technological thriller following the first deep space mining operation.


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  7. Boagworld Show: How to Predict the Next Big Thing and Ride the Wave of Innovation - Boagworld Show

    This week on the Boagworld Show we are joined by Jeremy Keith to talk about his uncanny ability to predict the trends that really matter in the digital field.


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  8. The Elastic Brand Ep 4 Laura Kalbag

    In this episode Laura and Liz discuss Ethical brand design. Toxic technology and dark patterns. The need for tech industry diversity. Accessibility and inclusivity. How we can be more ethical as designers. How we need to make sure we are working with ethical companies


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  9. The Elastic Brand Ep 2 Jon Hicks

    This week’s guest is the doyen of design Jon Hicks.

    In this episode we discuss The limitations of a logo. How no one really cares about your logo. Not letting the designer ego take over. Jon’s processes. Digital Brand Design – did Liz invent it (she wishes) and what does it mean. Responsive logo design. Digital first approach to logo design. Jon’s latest project iHasco. Comedies we love.


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  10. The Big Web Show #183: Open Source, Google, and WordPress 5.0 with Matt Mullenweg

    Coder, writer, composer, and founding developer of WordPress Matt Mullenweg is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest.


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