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  1. Overtime Episode 32: Creating cosmic connections through design with Lauren Dickens

    Episode 32 features Lauren Dickens—an amazingly creative designer who specializes in brand identity and art direction. She’s has worked with some incredible clients including Target, Facebook, SXSW, and The Line Hotel. Lauren lives in Austin, Texas and has certainly left her mark around town—working with popular Austin establishments like Native Boutique Hostels, Better Half Coffee & Cocktails, STAG Provisions, and many others.

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  2. AppStories, Episode 47 – Apple App Acquisitions

    Federico and John look at the apps Apple has acquired over the years and where they are now.

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  3. Bayern 2 Notizbuch: Leben und Überleben: Alltag in Iran nach den Protesten

    Wir verfolgen die Nachrichten und sehen die Bilder der jüngsten Proteste. Aber wogegen eigentlich?

    Es ist ein Land, das sehr unter Sanktionen leidet. Seit dem Atomabkommen wurde es aber etwas besser - bis mit Donald Trump die Stimmen stärker wurden, die das Abkommen aufkündigen wollen. Heute wird Trump über weitere Sanktionen entscheiden. Wie leben die Menschen 2018 im Iran?

    Zu Gast bei Jutta Prediger: Natalie Amiri, ARD-Korrespondentin in Teheran und Shahrzad Osterer, iranische BR-Journalistin.

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  4. Vector with Rene Ritchie 081: Apple, iCloud, and China: Explained

    Next week, Apple will begin moving Chinese iCloud accounts to Chinese servers owned by a Chinese company.

    It’s Chinese law. But it’s also hugely controversial, especially among those who consider it a betrayal of Apple’s longstanding devotion to security and privacy. So, what’s going on?

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  5. Vector with Rene Ritchie 080: Apple’s next big software thing, with Christina Warren

    ‘Marzipan’, a new, cross-iOS/macOS framework, is one of the biggest rumors in Apple software today — and here’s what some of the smartest people in the community think about it.

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  6. Vector with Rene Ritchie 079: The life and death of Twitter for Mac, with John Gruber

    Twitter for Mac is dead. After years of neglect, Twitter has finally put its Mac app out of its misery. This is our post-mortem on what happened, what went wrong, and where the Mac community goes from here.

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  7. Exponent Episode 125 — The Super-Aggregators

    Ben and James discuss the different levels of aggregation, Facebook and Russian ads, and why it’s worth defending the future.

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  8. Wiederholungstäter Folge 96: Mr. Robot

    Ein Computer-Sicherheitsspezialist findet während eines Angriffs auf die Rechner eines Klienten Hinweise auf die Hackergruppe "fsociety", die letztlich zu großen Enthüllungen über ihn selbst führen.

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  9. Exponent Episode 124 — The Watch, The Phone, The Beatles

    Ben and James discuss Apple’s the cellular Apple Watch, the iPhone X and 8 markets, and whether the opening was over-the-top.

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  10. Rework 03 - Pick A Fight (on Twitter)

    Basecamp CTO David Heinemeier Hansson is known for many things, including creating Ruby on Rails and writing business books. He also has a knack for arguing with people on the Internet. This cheerfully profane conversation explores how Twitter is like a virtual pillow to scream into and the role that extreme voices play in moving important conversations forward. We also relive some of David’s memorable Twitter melees, including the one that got him blocked by Paul Graham.

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