March 5th, 2023 – March 12th, 2023

  1. Ron DeSantis: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    John Oliver discusses Ron DeSantis, his track record as the governor of Florida, the pitfalls of comparing him to Donald Trump, and the supposed dangers of “woke math.”

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  2. The Future of Obsidian with CEO Stephan Ango and Andy Polaine

    What is the future of Obsidian? The new Obsidian CEO, Stephan Ango (@kepano), talks about why he joined the Obsidian team and what he wants to do next. I'm Nicole van der Hoeven, and today I'm joined by my friend, Andy Polaine, to find out what's on the horizon for our favourite note-taking app.


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  3. Who’s In, Who’s Out? The Presbyterian vs. Reformed Baptist Debate on the Covenant of Grace

    In this debate, dear brothers in Christ, and great friends Eric Jaeger and Zach Lautensclager tackle the centuries old question on the participants of the Covenant of Grace.

    These men elevate the typical baptistic argument to one of covenants. Watch a gracious and yet challenging debate between a 1689 Baptist and Presbyterian. For us, a more formal discussion than at the dinner table!

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  4. Advantages of creating systems and not just setting goals | Peter Attia, M.D. with James Clear

    This clip is from podcast # 183 - Building & Changing Habits with James Clear

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    The Peter Attia Drive is a weekly, ultra-deep-dive podcast focusing on maximizing health, longevity, critical thinking…and a few other things. With over 45 million episodes downloaded, it features topics including fasting, ketosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, mental health, and much more.

    Peter is a physician focusing on the applied science of longevity. His practice deals extensively with nutritional interventions, exercise physiology, sleep physiology, emotional and mental health, and pharmacology to increase lifespan (delay the onset of chronic disease), while simultaneously improving healthspan (quality of life).

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