April 30th, 2022 – May 7th, 2022

  1. Women and Folk Music

    Emma interviews Peggy Seeger and learns about female collectors and folk performers today.

    This May bank holiday Emma looks at women and the tradition of folk music. You may have a stereotypical image of a woman in a floaty dress walking through a flower meadow - but we want to challenge that. From protest songs and feminist anthems - it’s not all whimsy in the world of folk.

    Emma talks to Peggy Seeger who has enjoyed six decades of success with her music. Peggy was married to the singer Ewen McColl. He wrote the song "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" for her. Together they revitalised the British Folk Scene during the 50s and 60s, working on the BBC Radio Ballads; ground-breaking documentaries - which wove a story from the words of real people working in the mining and fishing industry or building the M1 motorway with sound effects, and songs. Now 86 years old, Peggy’s own songs have become anthems for feminists, anti-nuclear campaigners and those fighting for social justice.

    Emma examines the uncomfortable elements of folk music, and how artists are finding ways of reinterpreting old songs, or writing new ones to represent missing narratives and stories. Who were the female tradition-bearers, writers and performers and the often forgotten collectors - those who would record and notate traditional songs handed down orally from generation to generation? And what is being done to improve the gender equality and diversity in folk music?


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  2. Drosden

    Ende April hatte der Chefvirologe der Berliner Charité mitgeteilt, nicht mehr für das Gremium zur Auswertung des Infektionsschutzgesetzes zur Verfügung zu stehen. Im Dlf kritisierte Christian Drosten sowohl die Zusammensetzung des Rates als auch das Zeitfenster für den Bericht. Der Wissenschaftsprozess sei deutlich langsamer, als die Politik erwarte. Bis zum Sommer könne man keine fundierten Ergebnisse liefern.


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  3. NFTs Are Legally Problematic ft. Steve Mould & Coffeezilla

    NFTs: legal nonsense? 🚀 Get access to the exclusive companion video! — For a LIMITED TIME get CuriosityStream & Nebula for 26% OFF! https://legaleagle.link/curiositystream And see my collaboration with Steve Mould! https://youtu.be/IZaTd0hDtkI

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  4. Core IntuitionEpisode 511: A Quick Fix For Attention - Core Intuition

    In the midst of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s long history with Twitter, starting with enthusiasm, continuing to active development for the platform, and ending with digust. They psychoanalyze Elon Musk and his propensity for seeking adultation on Twitter, and compare him to Jack Dorsey. In the second half of the show they follow up on Helpscout and talk about the service’s statistics reporting on customer service performance. Finally, Manton shares an example of a less than stellar customer support experience he had with another company, and they discuss when and how often automated responses should be used.


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  5. Curiosity, ingenuity and experimentation

    Kirsty Wark talks to Suzie Sheehy, Laura Beatty and Philip Ball

    Wonder at the natural world has inspired people and fuelled curiosity for millennia. The ancient Greek Theophrastus had interests that spread far and wide, from biology and physics to ethics and metaphysics. But although he was Aristotle’s friend and collaborator, and his notes on botany inspired Linnaeus, his name has mostly been forgotten. The writer Laura Beatty’s new book, Looking for Theophrastus, aims to rescue him from obscurity.

    The scientist, Suzie Sheehy, still feels a childlike wonder at the way physics seems to be able to describe everything – from the smallest subatomic particle to the scale of the Universe. In The Matter of Everything: Twelve Experiments That Changed Our World, she looks back at the people who engineered ground-breaking experiments, and the human ingenuity, creativity and curiosity, as well as luck and serendipity that propelled them forward.

    While physicists attempt to describe and define the universe, the workings of the human mind still remain a challenge to scientists and philosophers. In The Book of Minds, the science writer Philip Ball looks at what we know about the minds of other creatures, from octopuses to chimpanzees, and of the workings of computers and alien intelligences. By understanding how minds differ, he argues, the better we can understand our own.


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  6. Why Gas Got So Expensive (It’s Not the War)

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