December 31st, 2020 – January 7th, 2021

  1. Trump Demands Georgia “Find Votes” - FULL Audio Call | Election 2020

    Trump Georgia election call Audio (full) ⚠️Investing Program & YouTube Course 🚨 Use Coupon 🤠HOLIDAY2020🤠 🦠Life Insurance 💰4x Free stocks (deposit $100) INVEST w/ Kevin:

    00:00 Trump’s Intro of Voter Fraud in Georgia 17:14 Georgia Responding & Trump Arguments. 30:00 Trump Elevates. "Bleeping" is Name of Potential Fraudster. 45:30 Trump: That’s a Criminal Offense! You / your Attorney are at Risk. 47:10 Trump: I just want to find 11,780 votes. 57:00 Georgia Responds saying the numbers are Accurate. 1:05:25 Trump’s Team Demands meeting to Review 24,149 votes. 1:17:25 Summary by Kevin

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  2. The Democratic Coalition After Trump and the Fall of Wisconsin | The Jacobin Show (12/16/20)

    Every Wednesday at 6 PM ET, Jen Pan, Ariella Thornhill, and Paul Prescod will host a new episode of The Jacobin Show, offering socialist perspectives on class and capitalism in the twenty-first century, the failures of liberalism, and the prospects of rebuilding a left labor movement in the US.

    Our guest is Dan Kaufman, the author of The Fall of Wisconsin: The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics.

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  3. 194: Historic Ad Fraud at Uber with Kevin Frisch

    During this 194th episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Kevin Frisch, who was recently the CMO of Wag and before that the head of performance marketing, and CRM for Uber.  Before Uber, Frisch served as chief marketing officer of GSN Games and Snapfish.  Frisch was named to Forbes’ CMO Next List 2019: 50 Game-Changing Marketing Leaders.

    Frisch discusses the largest ever fraud case, a case between Uber and its suppliers of performance marketing and advertising. F

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  4. Audio: Trump’s full Jan. 2 call with Ga. secretary of state

    In a one-hour phone call on Saturday, Jan. 2, 2021 with Georgia election officials, President Trump insisted he won the state and threatened vague legal consequences if the officials did not act. This audio has been edited to remove the name of an individual about whom the president makes unsubstantiated allegations.

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  5. Holger nach Covid-19 Erkrankung - “Ich bin wohl durch eine Aerosol-Wolke im Treppenhaus gelaufen” | radioeins

    Zwischen den Jahren - das ist ja eigentlich diese ruhige, nachrichtenarme Zeit. Dieses Jahr war das anders. Am 18. Dezember erhielt radioeins-Moderatorin Katja Weber folgende Nachricht vom Kollegen Holger Klein: "Heute morgen PCR-Test, weil ich ja zu meinen Eltern wollte" und drunter der Befund "Sars-CoV-2 positiv".

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  6. BTC005: Bitcoin & Michael Saylor - A Masterclass in Economic Calculation

    On today’s show, billionaire Michael Saylor discusses his big move into Bitcoin. Additionally, he goes into detail on how he conducts economic calculation during a time where central bankers are printing in an accelerative manner.

    IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: -How Michael Saylor defines Inflation, risk premiums and hurdle rates -The fundamentals of Microstrategy -Why he’s putting Bitcoin on his balance sheet -Why he issued convertible debt to buy more bitcoin -How other companies will likely follow suit

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  7. Getting Money Out of Politics Isn’t Enough to Save Democracy

    While the Left is right to talk about money in politics, David Griscom explains why we also have to understand how the state has a structural bias to the interests of the capitalist class. Getting money out of politics can’t solve that by itself.

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  8. The Man Who Tried to Feed the World

    Norman Borlaug won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his work as a wheat breeder. The disease-resistant, dwarf wheats that he developed were the foundation of the Green Revolution, banishing global famine and turning India into a food-exporting nation. Many people have hailed Borlaug as a saint, a saviour of humanity. Others have blamed him for everything that is wrong with the modern global food system. The truth, naturally, lies somewhere in between, which is brought out in a new documentary about Borlaug and his work.

    The documentary airs on PBS in the United States next week. I got the chance to see a preview and to talk to Rob Rapley, the writer, director and producer.

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  9. Agency Side Hustles w/ John D Saunders

    We welcomed John Saunders, a Digital Marketing Strategist with 8+ years of experience in building brands online. Working with brands like Land Rover, Audi, and the NAACP, John has utilized Website Development, Content Marketing, SEO, and Social Media to create marketing campaigns that resonate with the consumer and drive REAL leads.

    We discussed actionable tactics that can make you more $$$ and streamline your business.

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