January 1st, 2020 – January 8th, 2020

  1. Ted Chiang on Free Will, Time Travel, Many Worlds, Genetic Engineering, and Hard Science Fiction

    Steve and Corey speak with Ted Chiang about his recent story collection "Exhalation" and his inaugural essay for the New York Times series, Op-Eds from the Future. Chiang has won Nebula and Hugo awards for his widely influential science fiction writing. His short story "Story of Your Life," was the basis of the film Arrival (2016). Their discussion explores the scientific and philosophical ideas in Ted’s work, including whether free will is possible, and implications of AI, neuroscience, and time travel. Ted explains why his skepticism about whether the US is truly a meritocracy leads him to believe that the government-funded genetic modification he envisages in his Op-Ed would not solve the problem of inequality.

    Exhalation by Ted Chiang https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41160292-exhalation

    Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/223380.Stories_of_Your_Life_and_Others

    Ted Chiang’s New York Times Op-Ed From the Future https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/27/opinion/ted-chiang-future-genetic-engineering.html

    Transcript https://manifoldlearning.com/2019/09/19/episode-019-transcript/

    man·i·fold /ˈmanəˌfōld/ many and various.

    In mathematics, a manifold is a topological space that locally resembles Euclidean space near each point.

    Steve H…

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  2. Canceling | ContraPoints

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  3. Microcast #081 – Anarchy, Federation, and the IndieWeb | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

    Happy New Year! It’s good to be back. This week’s microcast answers a question from John Johnston about federation and the IndieWeb.


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  4. Gregor Gysi & Martin Sonneborn

    Gregor Gysi im Gespräch mit Martin Sonneborn

    Der tRÄNENpALAST präsentiert in seinem beliebten Gesprächs-Format zwei Persönlichkeiten, die sich etwas zu sagen haben. Die Zuschauer sind live Zeugen dieses Zusammentreffens. Erhellende Einsichten und grundlegende Missverständnisse sind garantiert, wenn es wieder frei nach Martin Buchholz heißt: „Missverstehen Sie mich richtig!“

    Nächste Termine der Gesprächsreihe Missverstehen Sie mich richtig: www.traenenpalast.de auf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissverstehenSiemichrichtig/

    #MissverstehenSieMichRichtig #MSMR #Gesprächsreihe #Talk #GregorGysi #KabarettTheaterDistel #Berlin #MartinSonneborn #DiePartei

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  5. TIS050 – Star Wars: Skywalker Exhaustion?! | The InSnider

    Es war wieder Star Wars. Es war wieder Congress. Ihr wisst was das heißt. Eine Saga geht zu Ende…

    Eine Saga und eine Tradition gehen zu Ende. Der letzte Teil der "Skywalker Saga", der letzte Teil der neuen Trilogie ist erschienen. Wir haben uns ein letztes Mal auf dem Chaos Communication Congress zusammen gefunden und haben Episode 9 besprochen. Doch haben wir nicht nur mit dem Film zu kämpfen, wir bekommen es plötzlich mit Lärmbelästigung in Form von lautstarker Musik von einer Assembly nebenan zutun. Nachdem diese verstummt ist reden wir noch zwei Stunden weiter und gehen doch sehr versöhnlich aus diesem Podcast…


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  6. Directors Roundtable: Todd Phillips, Martin Scorsese, Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach | Close Up

    Todd Phillips (‘Joker’), Martin Scorsese (‘The Irishman’), Lulu Wang (‘The Farewell’), Noah Baumbach (‘Marriage Story’), Greta Gerwig (‘Little Women’), and Fernando Meirelles (‘The Two Popes’) join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season’s FULL, uncensored Directors Roundtable.

    #CloseUp #THRRoundtable HollywoodReporter #THR

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  7. Scott Jehl on Move Fast & Don’t Break Things at SmashingConf NYC 2019

    Performance is a high priority for any site of scale today, but it can be easier to make a site fast than to keep it that way. As a site’s features and design evolves, its performance is often threatened for a number of reasons, making it hard to ensure fast, resilient access to services. In this session, Scott will draw from real-world examples where business goals and other priorities have conflicted with page performance, and share some strategies and practices that have helped major sites overcome those challenges to defend their speed without compromises.

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