March 1st, 2019 – March 8th, 2019

  1. Zelda

    John Siracusa returns to Pragmatic to discuss everything Zelda related, with a focus on Breath of the Wild and how so many established Zelda gameplay rules were thrown out the window with resounding success.

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  2. Automators #18: Terminal Automation with John Siracusa - Relay FM

    Web programmer John Siracusa joins the Automators to share his thoughts on automation workflows, the best programming language for automation, and how automating your Mac desktop can become a road to madness.

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  3. How to Predict the Next Big Thing and Ride the Wave of Innovation - Boagworld Show

    This week on the Boagworld Show we are joined by Jeremy Keith to talk about his uncanny ability to predict the trends that really matter in the digital field.

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  4. Offworld: How Would Space Politics Work?

    Once humans start colonizing other planets, how will politics work between Earth and those who live offworld? Ariel is joined by author Annalee Newitz and linguist Nick Farmer—who works on the show the Expanse—to discuss science fiction’s portrayal of realistic space politics!

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  5. Cory Doctorow with Rebecca Giblin on author incomes, copyright and the book industry

    Author, activist and journalist Cory Doctorow sits down with ARC Future Fellow Rebecca Giblin from Monash Law to discuss the rapidly changing book industry.

    Author incomes are plummeting. What opportunities do we have for improving them? Could Doctorow’s ‘Shut Up and Take My Money’ platform be part of the solution?

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  6. Conversations with John Anderson: Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin

    Jordan and Dave joined John Anderson at this private forum event to further examine their diagnoses of and prescriptions for our contemporary challenges.

    A conversation recorded in Sydney, February 2019

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  7. Andy Weir: “Artemis and The Martian” | Talks at Google

    ANDY WEIR built a career as a software engineer until the success of his first published novel, THE MARTIAN, allowed him to live out his dream of writing full time. He is a lifelong space nerd and a devoted hobbyist of subjects such as relativistic physics, orbital mechanics, and the history of manned spaceflight. He also mixes a mean cocktail. He lives in California.

    Moderated by Jason Gessner.

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  8. Kommentar von Ulrike Bieritz - Olympische Spiele 2036 in Berlin - ein geschmackloser Vorschlag? | radioeins

    In Berlin hat der Anstoß zu einer erneuten Olympia-Bewerbung der deutschen Hauptstadt heftige Diskussionen ausgelöst. Besonders das von Berlins Innen- und Sportsenator Andreas Geisel (SPD) ins Spiel gebrachte Jahr 2036 - genau 100 Jahre nach den Sommerspielen während der Nazi-Diktatur - wird heftig debattiert.

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  9. How do I resist smartphone overuse?

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  10. Atheist Debates - Jesus and Defilement

    Part of the Atheist Debates Patreon project:

    Matthew 15 and Mark 16…on defilement, drinking poison and handling snakes.

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