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  1. The Digital Era: What’s Next?

    Learn what you need to know now to keep your competitive edge! Entertainment and technology expert Mark Ghuneim offers a crash course on how digital technologies are transforming the media industry. After 16 years at Sony Music USA, Ghuneim launched Wiredset, a digital marketing agency and technology incubator for TV networks, record labels, and brands. He also founded the social media tracking and data visualization service, Trendrr.

    The discussion is moderated by Jack Myers, one of the media industry’s leading visionaries and economic forecasters. Learn how phenomena like social communities, user-generated content, commercial-avoidance technologies, and performance-based media have changed the rules. Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 00:00:00 -0700 Location: New York, NY, The New School,

    Program and discussion: http://fora.tv/2009/10/06/Digital_Era_What_s_Nextr

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  2. An Airline that Genuinely Delights Passengers using Social Media - Social Pros Podcast

    Greg Hounslow, Emerging Media Advisor at WestJet, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss fostering a sense of community with social media amongst guests, how social media can enhance customer relations, and the value of giving customers a pleasant surprise every once in a while (and the measurable ROI there).


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  3. 4 Content Heard - 12 Days of Social Media Christmas

    Short, quick hitting, content focused on social media and online business delivered on each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Social Media Christmas!


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  4. MPP #12: Thomas Deneuville on Social Networking and Email Marketing | Music Publishing Podcast

    Thomas Deneuville is another musician whose friendship I owe to Twitter, which is only fitting considering his affinity to and facility with social media. Thomas is the founder of the online new music magazine I Care If You Listen, which he created in December 2010, and has since grown to include ICareIfYouListen.tv, a fully-fledged media platform dedicated to user-generated new music videos. A testament to his ingenuity and love of the world of new music, Thomas and I Care If You Listen won the 45th Annual ASCAP Foundation Deems Taylor Media Award in 2013.

    Outside of ICIYL, Thomas teaches, consults, and speaks about web design, email marketing, social media, and analyzing online metrics, as they pertain to musicians and other artists. He is also the digital content manager for Cornell University.

    During the course of this week’s episode, we talked about:

    I Care If You Listen

    The quarterly ICIYL Mix Tape

    Curating a collection of other people’s recordings

    Creating an online community

    Having an effective social media presence without wasting your time

    Setting clearly defined goals for social media

    Knowing your audience on social media, and learning more about them

    Balancing your social media content (the 4:1:1 ratio)

    Curating your social media content

    Social media reach vs. number of followers

    Facebook pages vs. personal profile

    Cross-posting to multiple platforms

    Choosing the right social network for yourself

    Mirroring Facebook content

    The importance of having an email list

    The conversational nature of email cs. The public nature of social media

    Email conversion rates

    Digital sharecropping


    Enticing people onto your list (permission marketing)

    Apologizing for sending emails to your list

    Email best practices

    Open rates vs. click rates

    Click budgets and prioritized calls to action

    Links:Thomas DeneuvilleI Care If You ListenI Care If You Listen.tvAstrid Baumgardner: SMART Goals for SMART Music EntrepreneursHootsuite, Tweetdeck, and BufferMailChimp


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  5. Is Podcasting the Most Underrated Content Marketing Tactic? | Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy

    Bob Knorpp, Host of the Beancast Marketing Podcast and President of The Cool Beans Group, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss how he got started in podcasting back when it was unpopular, how he has achieved such success with a simple podcasting model, and why podcasting continues to be the best way to build an audience with content.


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  6. Podcast: Finding and Creating Relevant Content — Strategies for Social Media | I'd Rather Be Writing

    In the barrage of information created by all the social media channels, how can you find relevant content? How can you move past forms of noise to actually produce content that engages users? What forms of social media do students respond to the most? These are some of the questions we explored in a presentation I gave to Brigham Young University Provo students earlier this week. This podcast is a recording of the presentation.

    The podcast is about an hour long, and I bookended the presentation with some thoughts before and after.


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  7. Contagion, Social Media, and Why Things Catch On

    Jonah Berger, Marketing Professor at the Wharton School, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss his bestseller Contagious: Why Things Catch on, the science behind those viral marketing hits, and the importance of setting realistic and helpful goals with a viral marketing campaign.


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  8. Content Sharing: How to Build a Following Using Other People’s Content | Social Media Examiner

    Social Media Marketing Podcast 122, in this episode Guy Kawasaki explores content sharing and how to build your social media following.


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  9. Macro Social Engineering LexIcon

    Macro social engineering is using social interactions, mass media, and other methods to affect wide scale social change. LexIcon will talk about leadership and the artist’s editorial voice in relation to his own efforts to improve both the hacker community and the global community.

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  10. The-Anatomy-of-a-Content-Model

    With the rise of responsive design, a content model and a CMS are necessities for any content-rich web presence. Once you’ve designed the front-end user experience, it’s important to consider the content structure that will support your design. Content models define:

    the underlying structure of each type of content the user experience for content authors and editors within the CMS Luckily, designing a content model is a natural extension of IA for a front-end user experience. In this talk, we’ll get into the details of HOW to content model. We’ll dissect the content model for a single content type for a nonprofit website. The goals for this content model were:

    to be adaptive and portable for any device or context to contain a lot of content, yet display it in a simple way a successful user experience for administrators creating and editing the content a delightful user experience for end users of the content In content modeling, there are often multiple approaches you could take so I’ll also cover the alternate models we explored and describe the process that led us to our end result.

    Session Takeaways Define a content model Evaluate a content item and create a content model based on that item Learn best practices for adaptive content models

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