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  1. QPR: Quotidian Public Radio - QPR: Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”

    QPR: Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”

    MP3 Download: QPR - Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”Social Media expert, Dr. Robert Chandler (onFocus University), joins Connor to discuss web-based community and user-generated content. He also takes a few calls from QPR listeners.

    posted 8 years ago


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  2. Kevin Smith


    I know Kevin doesn’t think he can get a fair shake with being it’s Adam’s podcast, but there are plenty of us who can come to an objective conclusion.

    And I’m a fan of both of them.

    I honestly feel like it falls on both of them a little, but more so due to who each of them are inherently.

    The simplest way to put it is that Adam is a bit old school and Kevin is a bit new school.

    Kevin deals in emails that are more like instant messages, I’m sure frequent texting and communicates in a way that most of us probably do that frequent message boards, website and the like.

    To those of us who have smart phones, laptops and i-pads, six days without a response is an eternity.

    We get pissed if someone takes too long for their turn playing fucking Words with Friends.

    Anyone who listens to Adam regularly knows that’s not his M.O.

    The guy probably took 10 minutes to type out the two sentence email he sent to begin with and the fact he emailed him at all after the Real Time show is a borderline miracle.

    The other thing you know by listening to Adam regularly is he’s really big on not being intrusive or a burden on anyone else.

    I think he failed to realize in this conversation that that particular issue of his did rear it’s head and is what initially prevented him from just calling Kevin himself.

    Kevin thinks it’s pride when we know it’s actually insecurity.

    The final thing that caused it to get blown out of proportion was that this was clearly a bigger deal to Kevin than it was to Adam.

    Adam has been on tv for years, done a number of tv shows and has been to the rodeo before.

    This was Kevin’s first real opportunity to do something like this and probably on his mind a hell of a lot more than it was Adam’s.

    That being the case, I’m sure as emotional as he is anyway, every little piece of information or non-information sent his mind racing.

    Where Adam being Adam, a week goes by in his life and he says, “oh wait, wasn’t I supposed to talk to Kevin Smith a few days ago?”

    Either way, I hope they can both patch it up and at least be friendly about it because they’re both good guys.

    But ultimately, Adam has to realize that sometimes his own insecurities can get in the way and try reaching out in a way that might not be comfortable.

    Kevin needs to not take things so emotionally and try at look at things a little more logically.



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  3. 5by5 | Back to Work #17: Brick Building Full of Lies

    Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin talk about checking email under the table to catch up on your 27 high priority tasks, a good time to use the word priority, blowing cycles on meeting with Narnia's stakeholders, and getting tasks out of your dreamcatcher.


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