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  1. The dinner date

    Every episode features incredible people making big, risky decisions in their lives — something I find really hard to do! This episode will leave you marveling at the incredible resilience of the human spirit — after you're done laughing/crying.”

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  2. #69: Lisa Schmeiser

    Lisa and Aleen talk about comic books (who's better: Marvel or DC?), the state of children's toys, and the cognitive burdens of poverty.

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  3. Métis In Space Season 3 Episode 1 - Dune

    In the SEASON 3 PREMIERE of otipêyimsiw-iskwêwak kihci-kîsikohk, Métis in Space, Chelsea and Molly review the one and only Dune, where "A Duke's son leads desert warriors against the galactic emperor and his father's evil…"

    Hit us up at metisinspace[dot]com, metis.in.space[at]gmail[dot]com, Metis in Space on Facebook, or @MetisInSpace on Twitter with review suggestions, feedback, gifts of wine, or hate mail.

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  4. Pop Culture Happy Hour: ‘Tomorrowland,’ The Future And The Past

    The Brad Bird-directed Tomorrowland didn't make a lot of dough in its opening weekend, despite Bird's impressive reputation and the star power of George Clooney. It didn't get great reviews, either, but one of us (spoiler alert: it was me) liked it more than a lot of people did. We talk on this episode with our friend Bob Mondello about how the film's underlying message about optimism works and doesn't work, and about how its execution of its ambitious concept sometimes lets down the things it's trying to say.

    We broaden out from there to talk about how film visions of the future do and don't satisfy, and as you might expect, Glen's got a taxonomy of future visions.

    In our other segment, we flip around and look at the way culture imagines the past, both recent (The Americans) and distant (The Flintstones). Are we any more in the realm of reality when we imagine the past than we are when we imagine the future?

    As always, we close the show with what's making us happy this week. Stephen is happy about having brought a conclusion to a story that began six years ago with a disappointing box-office result for a roller derby movie we both really love. Glen is happy about a terrific podcast he's been enjoying and a discovery this week that jumps off of a discussion from last week (Game Of Thrones spoiler alert on that link). Bob is happy about the limited release next week, at long last, of a film that he and I loved at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall. And I am happy about a new book, another new book, a great podcast episode, and a Tumblr that cracks me up like crazy.

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  5. Allusionist 25: Toki Pona

    There’s a language which is said to be the smallest language in the world. It has around 123 words, five vowels, nine consonants, and apparently you can become fluent in it with around 30 hours’ study. It was invented by linguist Sonja Lang in 2001, and it’s called Toki Pona.

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  6. Where Am I

    After an extended break, The Back Talk is back with its fourth episode. Titled "Where Am I," this episode deals with ideas of place: what it means to occupy place, coming home, safe spaces, and the ways in which some spaces are never meant for us. We've got two brilliant stories from Allie Mullin, a photographer from North Caroline, and Aurelia Belfield, 1/4 of the amazing podcast, Black Girls Talking.

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