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  1. Where There’s Smoke: The Devil You Know (Procrastination)

    Listeners asked and so our second season premiere covers a topic that everyone struggles with: Procrastination. Unfortunately for Brett and Nick, life quickly began to imitate art when they found themselves caught in their own web of procrastination to get the episode finished.

    Brett and Nick ask: Why do we put things off? Why do we avoid them? And, if procrastination is just a symptom of something larger, then what are its sources?

    For answers, Brett turns to writer and blogger, Mark Manson. Mark shares some thoughts from his insightful article, “Everything You Wanted To Know About Procrastination But Were Too Lazy To Figure Out”.

    Was Mark able to set Brett right? Will they cure their own procrastination and make it to the end of the episode? Will Nick stop playing Mario Kart? Stay tuned.

    Guest: Mark Manson


    Twitter: @IAmMarkManson

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    Brett recommends Ryan Adams’ cover of Taylor Swift’s album, 1989, as well as the mash-up album, Yeezer.

    Nick recommends Double Fine Adventure.

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  2. Episode 1 The Slave Wars (part 1) — History on Fire

    In the space of a few decades, three major slave wars threatened the Roman Republic. In this episode, we see how the greed of land speculators, tax collectors and slave owners unleashed an orgy of bloodshed as tens of thousands of escaped slaves went to battle against Rome’s armies. Part I of this story covers the first two of the servile wars, and features political intrigues, fire-breathing Syrian prophets, cannibalism, love struck aristocrats arming their slaves, and heroic mass suicides.Please support our sponsors by shopping for supplements, special foods, clothing, and exercise equipment at and receive a 10% discount. Also, if you are in the market for coffee, please consider doing business at and use the code “history” at checkout for a 10% discount.Discounts exclusive to our listeners are also available on hemp gear using the code “daniele” at”, and on clothing using the code “warrior” at


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  3. Episode 23 - Dan Carlin: The Man Who Can Make History Fun | The Drunken Taoist


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    Hardcore History: Daniele's favorite podcast

    The good, old days when historians were great storytellers

    The horrors of academic history

    Why journalists can make history come to life better than historians

    The balance between forging tough individuals while giving them love: can you win a war against your grandparents?

    Splitting history in two separate disciplines

    Why so few people question the norms of their times

    The mechanics of Dan's podcast

    Hardcore History follows the wisdom of Taoist sage Jimmy Page: "tight but loose"

    The future of politics: why the two political parties have to go

    The godfathers of podcasting: shaping the future

    Hardcore History's bookkeeping

    Dan plays violin on a very busy street: the global street performer

    Dan during the L.A. Riots: curfew breaking, driving on Sunset Blvd. at midnight with no lights and no cars around, the army on the streets….

    The origins of the Common Sense podcast

    Daniele likes Dan's approach for the very same reason why the radio establishment hated it. A human being rather than an ideological clone. How everyone in the radio business knows that Rush Limbaugh doesn't believe what he says.

    "This idea that there's a single ideology, or a philosophy, that is right. And you can follow it and it will work for every problem… I'm sorry but to me it's ridiculous."

    "I have very strong convictions about certain things but I don't have this ideology that requires me to stay of the same opinion"

    "If convictions mean that you are not allowed to rationally consider each issue on the merits, then I'd rather not have convictions"

    Dan Carlin, the king of nuance.

    We use the same Nietzsche and Whitman quotes

    "If I know ahead of time what you are going to say about any given topic, it's because you are going by the rule book,which defeats the purpose of being an aware human being"

    "The fact that you can't get history from the History Channel makes it that much better for me"

    "If the show is too smart for you, it's not our fault"

    Dan is one of the few who can pronounce my name

    Common Sense is partially banned in China. The internet and its enemies (Dianne Feinstein is fuckin' scary)

    On Boxing and freedom, Alexander the Great and the Kennedy assassination.

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  4. The Lawfare Podcast, Episode #93: Hardcore Dan Carlin - Lawfare

    A few weeks ago, I began listening to a podcast called Hardcore History, which is the brainchild of a fellow named Dan Carlin. Carlin was doing a series of episodes on World War I, and Hardcore History is—-let's just say—-a different sort of podcast. The episodes are very long, very involved, and to me at least, completely riveting. Honestly, I can't recommend it highly enough.

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  5. The Tim Ferriss Show, Episode 20: Dan Carlin – Hardcore History, Building Podcasts, Creativity, and More | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

    Listen on iTunes, download (right click “save as”), or stream below now: This podcast is brought to you by The Tim Ferriss Book Club, which features a handful of books that have changed my life. Here's the list. Now, on to our guest…

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  6. Audio: Podcaster Dan Carlin Talks Hollywood and History - Cinephiled

    Very excited to present this interview with the excellent podcaster Dan Carlin, host of Hardcore History and Common Sense, and for my money one of the most fascinating people producing a podcast today. Dan is a free thinker who never shirks from speaking his mind on any subject that comes his way, and I knew we’d get into some interesting topics. We spent some time talking about why Hollywood almost always gets history wrong, the work of Oliver Stone, what characters from history Dan would like to see get a movie and delve into what ubiquitous digital video means for the future of history.

    After you listen I hope you’ll check out some of Dan’s work. You can follow the links above to listen to both of Dan’s exceptional shows.

    A big thank you to Seattle band Red Heart Alarm for providing the music for this episode. The band’s new album, Hammer Anvil Stirrup, debuts March 28th.

    Please let us know what you think of the episode in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download

    Tagged with → 300 • Common Sense • Dan Carlin • Hardcore History • History • Lawrence of Arabia • Oliver Stone • Podcast

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  7. JQP on the James T. Harris Radio Program : John Q. Public

    JQP on the James T. Harris Radio Program

    Filed in Air Force / Air Power, General, Government and Society, Leadership and Managing, Military, Military Families, National Defense, Politics

    by Tony Carr

    on August 7, 2015


    I had the opportunity Thursday for an on-air interview with James T. Harris. We covered a wide range of subjects from the F-35 and the Air Force’s budget/modernization dilemma to Close Air Support and the A-10. We also touched on the recent viral message from an Air Force NCO departing service after 14 years, and why that message continues to resonate.

    Thankful to James T. and the folks at KQTH for hosting me again, and hope to return soon.

    Enjoy, and I welcome your questions/reactions. This Post:Share on TumblrPocketEmailPrint

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