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  1. Beyond measuring the impact of philanthropic funding with Cressida Pollock

    Can we reimagine philanthropy as if it takes on transformational climate challenges in a more systemic grant process?In the fifth episode of the Futuring Podcast, Ivana Gazibara, Director of the Futures Centre, talks to Cressida Pollock, the Co-Director of Quadrature Climate Foundation, former Ch…

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  2. Episode #076 // ChatGPT, AI & stochastische Papageien // mit Jürgen “tante” Geuter

    In Episode 76 betrachten wir eine neue religiöse Erscheinung: Künstliche Intelligenz. Wir sprechen mit tante über Intelligenz, Bewusstsein und den Wunsch nach einem höheren Wesen: Dabei untersuchen wir die Linie der menschlichen Interpretation des “Schöpferischen”: ist Intendiertes wirklich mehr …

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  3. Automation April: Third-Party Apps with Great Shortcuts Support

    Episode 325 — April 16, 2023Automation April: Third-Party Apps with Great Shortcuts Support AppStories Episode 325 — Automation April: Third-Party Apps with Great Shortcuts Support0:0036:50➞

    This week, Federico and John dig into third-party apps with excellent shortcuts support.

    This episode is sponsored by:

    Viso – Beautiful minimal image viewer for macOS.

    Links and Show Notes

    Automation April Update

    S-GPT 1.0.2 Brings Date and Time Awareness, Integration with macOS Services Menu, Passthrough Mode, Better HomePod Support, and More

    Automation April: The Loupedeck Live S Is a More Portable and Affordable Automation Control Panel for the Mac

    S-GPT 1.0.1

    Apps with Excellent Shortcuts Support

    Bike Outliner

    Bike: An Elegant Outliner For Mac-Focused Workflows


    FoodNoms 2 Refreshes Its Design and Adds Refinements to Nutrition Logging and Goal Tracking Throughout

    Actions for Obsidian

    Things 3

    Things 3.17 Overhauls the App’s Shortcuts Actions



    Albums 4.0: A Must-Have App for Music Lovers


    Fantastical 3.6 Adds In-App Scheduling and Quarter View

    Book Tracker


    AppStories, Episode 312 – Read-Later Apps


    MusicBox Review: The ‘Listen-Later’ Music App I’ve Been Waiting For

    Crouton and Pestle

    Crouton Review: An Elegant, Modern Recipe Manager and Cooking Aid

    Pestle 1.2: The MacStories Review

    Calory and WaterMinder

    Calory Review: Simple, Convenient Calorie Tracking

    WaterMinder 5.1 Delivers a Ground-Up Redesign of Its Apple Watch App and More


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  4. The Future of Obsidian with CEO Stephan Ango and Andy Polaine

    What is the future of Obsidian? The new Obsidian CEO, Stephan Ango (@kepano), talks about why he joined the Obsidian team and what he wants to do next. I'm Nicole van der Hoeven, and today I'm joined by my friend, Andy Polaine, to find out what's on the horizon for our favourite note-taking app.


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  5. R#58 Karl Nowak, Digital Business Developer - Macher*innen aus der Musikbranche | REDFIELD Podcast

    Alexander Schröder ist Geschäftsführer und Inhaber von Redfield Records. Er spricht in diesem Format mit inspirierenden Macherinnen/Machern und erfahrenen Experten aus der Musikbranche sowie mit kreativen Freunden aus dem Redfield Netzwerk.

    Dabei beleuchtet er Karrieren, Erfolgsmodelle und hinterfragt aktuelle Themen rund um Marketing, Promotion, Booking, Management oder Artist Development. Jede Woche neue Stories, Hintergründe und Einblicke aus dem Musikbusiness!

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