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  1. Burst Interview with Albert-László Barabási

    In this interview, I talk with Albert-László Barabási, author of Bursts: The Hidden Pattern Behind Everything We Do.

    Barabási has been on the forefront of research into network theory. His first book Linked was about the connections. His new book Bursts is about the dynamics of how we live. He says we need to move from a model which emphasizes averages and random behavior to one that is represented by short periods of intense activity followed by longer lulls. Applications have already been seen in the diagnosis of depression and the movement of money.

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  2. Ze Frank Conversation: The Creative Lifestyle

    Expressing yourself. Telling stories. Playing games. Connecting with others. It’s what the Web is for, but too often we focus on the latest trendy technology meme or e-commerce scheme’ and forget that the Internet is really a sandbox for engagement, fun, and participation. Pioneering Web maker ze frank will sit down for a conversation with Scott Kirsner, author of the book Fans, Friends & Followers, to talk about being creative in the digital age ’ and earning a living at it.

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  3. IT Conversations | Web 2.0 Conference | Caterina Fake

    Empty pockets have never stopped anyone; only empty heads and hearts can do that. Caterina Fake’s descriptions of the early days of her co-founding Flickr resonate with that message. The resource constraints in the midst of which Flickr was born, helped foster creativity and worked towards their advantage. She tells us why she thinks that a climate of economic gloom such as the current one is the best time to start your own business, why simplifying a design and taking things away from it adds more power, and what her most recent New York based Web 2.0 venture, named Hunch, is all about.

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