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  1. Robin Dunbar talks with Guardian Science Weekly podcast about his new book “How Many Frinds Does One Person Need”

    Robin Dunbar (of the Dunbar Number) chats with Alok Jah of the Guardian (along with others) about friendships and the Dunbar number, which is the theoretical limit of viable stable relationships one person can have.

    Dunbuar’s new book, "How Many Friends Does One Person Need" is also out and discussed.

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  2. Discovering & Mining The Everyday – Richard Ziade & Tim Meaney

    In our world today, machines are an indelible part of our everyday lives. We rely on powerful devices to help us find information, organize our lives and make decisions. What if all these machines that help us in our everyday lives actually “listened” to our actions? One of the most challenging aspects of the Semantic Web is introducing its concept and benefits to the everyday population. But do we really have to?

    In this talk, Arc90 partners Richard Ziade and Timothy Meaney contrast the way we make discoveries today – by testing theories within controlled environments – to a world where correlations can be discovered by simply peering into and querying data gathered out of our everyday actions.


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